Takaisin Ponsse and CollectiveCrunch Collaborate in Forward’27 Innovation Programme


Ponsse and CollectiveCrunch Collaborate in Forward’27 Innovation Programme

Forward’27 Collaboration to create Digital Forest Twin supported by Business Finland

Ponsse, one of the global leaders in forestry machines, and CollectiveCrunch, the leader in AI in forestry, are collaborating in a €1 million project to create a step-change in the way forests are inventorised and monitored. Forward’27 is a €25million innovation programme supported by Ponsse and Business Finland, to develop sustainable mobile workstations. The collaboration between Ponsse and CollectiveCrunch is an important component of the Forward’27 programme.

Higher-resolution forest analytics enables a better and more granular understanding of forest, their biodiversity and stress levels. This better understanding ensures optimal sustainability and productivity of forests, enabling forest management to be better targeted.

Better analytics enables forest machinery to perform its tasks more sustainably and efficiently.

Detailed forest inventory information plays a core role to plan and execute harvesting operations. In short, only the trees that need to be cut are actually cut!

“Forward’27 is about the future of forestry and how our mobile work machines perform in the most sustainable and least intrusive way. The better our machines understand their forestry environment, the more productive the forests can be. The collaboration with CollectiveCrunch is an important component of our vision of data-driven forestry solutions.” says Tuomas Mikkola, Manager, Data, Analytics & API solutions of Ponsse

“CollectiveCrunch is the leader of AI in forestry. We are excited to participate in this important initiative and to enable the next generation of forest management. Our forests are under significant stress from climate change. This initiative will support more sustainable forestry and its data-driven vision enables better productivity and transparency of outcomes”, says Mika Korvenranta, Chief Product Officer at CollectiveCrunch.

The collaboration of Ponsse and CollectiveCrunch will begin in early 2024 and results are expected over the course of 2024 and 2025.   

For more information:

Miika Soininen, Ponsse Plc, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services, and IT

miika.soininen@ponsse.com, tel. +358 40 6700481

Mika Korvenranta, CollectiveCrunch Oy, Chief Product Officer