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Ponsse to demonstrate new solutions at FinnMETKO 2022

The 19th FinnMETKO exhibition will be held in Jämsä, Finland on 1–3 September 2022. Finland’s largest professional and sales exhibition area in the heavy-duty machine industry will cover more than 200 hectares, both indoors and outdoors. Ponsse will have an impressive presence at FinnMetko with its various new products.

We will demonstrate such new solutions as PONSSE EV1, our technological electric forwarder concept, the PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester, the PONSSE Mammoth forwarder and the PONSSE H8 harvester head. We will also demonstrate PONSSE simulators, with which training professionals and students alike is economical, safe and ecological. What is more, we will present new product features and services, including the PONSSE Active Cabin suspension system, the Active Seat solution which improves the operator’s ergonomics, and new services in PONSSE Manager, such as satellite data transfers and API solutions. In addition, we will demonstrate the most modern services for sustainable harvesting and features that improve productivity and make life easier for forest machine contractors and operators.

We will arrange harvesting demonstrations every day at 10 am, 12:30 pm and 3 pm at our stand 862. The demonstrations will also feature our new products.

Ponsse and Epec demonstrate an electric forwarder

PONSSE EV1, a new technological concept, is a forwarder that is equipped with a fully electric powertrain and uses the advanced Epec Flow electrification system. Its noise and emission levels have been reduced, without making any compromises over performance. The forest machine equipped with an electric powertrain will be commercially available later, but this concept enables us to already demonstrate the new technology. EV1 is based on Epec’s technology which can already today be used in the electrification of utility vehicles and mobile heavy-duty machines. Ponsse’s technological concept leads the way in the development of future technologies and sustainable harvesting solutions. The PONSSE EV1 concept has been developed for forwarders with the 15-ton load carrying capacity, the most popular size category of Ponsse’s forwarders. 

Ponsse demonstrates a technological concept for thinning sites 

For the first time in the history of forest machines, Ponsse’s technological concept enables the measurement of the standing tree stock in addition to harvested trees. The aim is to identify all trees around the machine and their exact position relative to the machine. The assisting system uses these data to help the operator find the correct thinning frequency that is ideal in terms of silviculture. As a result, the operator always has access to accurate data about the location of trails and standing trees, and the system will also document these data. With this concept based on the Lidar technology, we will demonstrate the opportunities offered by technology for future harvesting.

PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester and PONSSE Mammoth forwarder – leading the way in modern harvesting   

PONSSE Scorpion Giant is a versatile harvester, also for demanding conditions. The harvester has been developed together with customers, listening to their requests. Scorpion Giant can be equipped either with the H8 harvester head or with any of Ponsse’s smaller harvester heads. Scorpion Giant features many solutions familiar from the Scorpion product range that have been developed even further, including increased tractive force and an even more powerful C50+ crane. The fork boom offers excellent visibility of the logging site from the crane, and the machine includes advanced active levelling and suspension systems.

PONSSE Scorpion Giant is equipped with a one-piece windscreen that extends to the roof of the cabin. As a result, visibility from the cabin is even better, and working is safe in all types of conditions. The cabin is like a practical and quiet office with a view, developed to support the operator’s comfort and wellbeing.

PONSSE Opti 5G – the most modern information system on the market

The PONSSE Opti 5G information system was introduced in 2021 alongside the new Scorpion generation, and it is now available for all harvester models. Using the advanced Opti 5G user interface, daily routines and adjustments can be done in a second without wading through menus, and frequently used functions are particularly easy to use. Opti 5G also enables the Harvester Active Crane feature, with which the operator can control the crane effectively. The data produced by Opti 5G are also used effectively in other digital services.

  • PONSSE Opti 5G is available for all harvester models from the manufacturing period of Q1/2023 onwards.  

PONSSE Harvester Active Crane

Harvester Active Crane makes the crane even easier to use. The operator does not need to separately control different crane functions: they only need to move the harvester head in the desired direction at the desired speed. End damping makes operations smooth. Harvester Active Crane also helps new operators to learn economical working methods that save the machine. Available as an option, Harvester Active Crane can now be fitted not only in the C50/C50+ cranes, but also in the C44+ parallel cranes.

PONSSE H8 – the next generation’s harvester head

The new PONSSE H8 harvester head features powerful feed, a strong grip and an agile frame. The saw box area is even wider, giving the harvester head good properties in snowy conditions and making it an excellent choice for trees with a high butt diameter. The harvester head can be fitted in the PONSSE Ergo, Scorpion Giant and Bear, the largest harvesters in our product range. The new H8 harvester head also includes the new Active Speed feature as an option. It enables the harvester head’s feed speed to be adjusted based on tree species and stem diameters.

PONSSE Mammoth forwarder – an unprecedented load-carrying capacity

The PONSSE Mammoth forwarder ensures productive harvesting, also at the most demanding logging sites. Its advanced properties truly stand out at plantations, over long transport distances and in other challenging conditions. Equipped with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system and the PONSSE K121 loader, Mammoth’s sturdy frame structures and super-strong hydraulics ensure that large stems and heavy loads can be transported effortlessly, even in the most challenging terrain. In the PONSSE Mammoth forwarder, the forest machine operator’s ergonomics has been addressed every step of the way, and it can be equipped with new features that improve the operator’s ergonomics, such as Active Cabin and Active Seat.

PONSSE Active Cabin suspension system

PONSSE forwarders (except for Bison) can now be equipped with PONSSE Active Cabin, an effective cabin suspension system with a simple structure. It helps forest machine operators keep going, even during longer shifts, by suspending any stress on the cabin. Active Cabin is available for the Buffalo, Elephant, Elephant King and Mammoth forwarders. PONSSE Bison is equipped with Ponsse’s advanced Active Frame cabin levelling system.

PONSSE Active Seat is a seat function developed based on forest machine operators’ requests. The new Active Seat improves usability, as it turns and follows the tip of the boon according to crane movements, increasing the forest machine operator’s productivity. PONSSE Active Seat is available as optional equipment for all PONSSE forwarders equipped with the PONSSE Active Crane loader control system.

PONSSE Active Crane is a loader control system for forwarders, with which the operator controls grapple movements instead of individual functions, allowing the operator to concentrate effectively on working with the loader. Active Crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of which controls the grapple height from the ground and the other controls the direction of movement.

PONSSE Forwarder Extra Display is an additional display for forwarders. It mirrors the view of the Opti display installed in the cabin, which remains hidden behind the operator’s back when driving in the engine’s direction. By fitting an additional display, the operator does not need to turn their seat to watch the display when the driving direction changes. This significantly improves the smooth progress of the forwarder and the safety of work.

PONSSE Active Manual service offers help and guidance through videos

Active Manual is an instruction and maintenance manual service with videos to support the daily work of forest machine operators. The visual PONSSE Active Manual is an owner’s manual service that runs on mobile devices and supplements the current Owner’s Manual by offering videos alongside the manual. PONSSE Active Manual is available on Apple and Android app stores. Currently, PONSSE Active Manual covers a limited number of Ponsse’s various products, and new models and materials are constantly added to the app through updates.

PONSSE Active Care service agreement maximises machine usability, productivity and efficiency   

Service agreements for new and used forest machines

Even the best forest machine in the world needs maintenance to operate productively and reliably from one year to the next. With a PONSSE Active Care service agreement customised for each operating environment and business, you let Ponsse’s professional maintenance network maintain your forest machine.

With the Active Care maintenance agreement, your machine will automatically have a Frame & Crane Care warranty of 10,000 hours. The warranty covers the frame structures, such as the front and rear frames, the middle pivot, the crane base, and the main, lifting and luffing boom frames.

PONSSE Active Care+ – first-class maintenance for new machines

You can add the excellent Active Care+ service to the maintenance agreement of your new forest machine. It covers all main machine components 100%. Extended care is valid up to 6,000 hours or 3 years. 

PONSSE Manager is an operations management system for forest machine contractors

Manager is a next-generation digital service platform and forest machine management system that provides customers with valuable data on their machines. It keeps customers up to date on data that affects the profitability of their machines and helps improve the efficiency of operations.  Alongside its current excellent features, we are now introducing Satellite and API services.

PONSSE Manager Satellite and Satellite Report – key data about machine operations at all logging sites

The new PONSSE Manager Satellite service improves machine connectivity. Manager Satellite uses the machine’s Connectivity Unit. It is a telematics unit which collects data about machine movements, operations and performance, enabling extensive reporting features. With the Satellite service, the machine can communicate via a satellite connection in areas without any mobile coverage. The Connectivity Unit developed by Epec Oy, a technology company owned by Ponsse, operates fully automatically without any separate measures.

 The PONSSE Manager Satellite Report tool helps contractors develop their operations. It reports assortment production volumes, engine hours, cumulative fuel consumption about your forest machines’ operations, even at the most distant logging sites. Data are collected and sent once a day as part of Ponsse Manager’s comprehensive reporting.

Using the PONSSE Manager Satellite Report tool, machine data can be transferred in areas without any mobile coverage. This helps forest machine operators, as the system collects data about machine, operator and work area production, engine hours and fuel consumption from the control system and updates them automatically in a cloud service once a day. The PONSSE Manager Satellite Report tool increases the visibility of harvesting operations. The data are available in PONSSE Manager Satellite reports.

The ground-breaking PONSSE Manager API service processes data in a cloud environment

PONSSE Data API is an innovative interface which produces important and accurate data for planning forest machines’ reporting, monitoring and resources. Using these data, customers can generate various reports to more effectively plan their resources and define schedules for their upcoming projects.

The ground-breaking idea behind the PONSSE Manager API service is to process data collected from individual forest machines in a cloud environment and then send it to the customer’s IT systems. Based on these data, various reports can be generated to more effectively plan resources and define schedules for upcoming projects. The API service enables manual routines to be automated, saving time and eliminating any risks of typing errors in the quality of data.  With PONSSE Manager API and its data processing features, key data are quickly available to support accurate interpretations. 

We wish you warmly welcome to enjoy the laid-back logging site atmosphere!

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