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Ponsse and Konehuolto P. Kula celebrate 20 years of partnership

This year, Ponsse and Konehuolto P. Kula Oy, which operates as a Ponsse contract service center in Southwest Finland, will celebrate their 20th year of partnership.

The trade name Petri Kula and Ponsse started working together in the spring of 2000. First, Kula operated as a service car entrepreneur, until the company was transformed into a limited company in 2003. Today, Konehuolto P. Kula’s work in Ponsse service is up to the same level as any other Ponsse customer service center. The company is in Pöytyä , Finland, and it employs five mechanics.

“I would like to thank the entrepreneur himself, Petri Kula, for the 20 years of partnership! Ponsse wants to make sure that our customers get the best service and spare part availability, and Kula has done their part perfectly! Congratulations to Petri for 20 years as an entrepreneur and future success is certain because of Petri's brave and enthusiastic attitude”, says Ponsse’s country director, Jani Liukkonen.

The number of customers has increased over the years in Southwest Finland. There are approximately 100 Ponsse machines in the area and most of the customers with whom P. Kula works with are within a 50-kilometer radius.

“The 20 years have certainly been a great journey! There could not be a better partner than Ponsse, for sure. Matters are solved with common sense and it is easy to negotiate and work with the Ponsse people. We share the same values: The interests of the customer’ss comes first,” says entrepreneur Petri Kula.

On Friday 2nd of June, Konehuolto P. Kula Oy celebrated the 20-year-anniversary of the  company by arranging a market day at their service center in Pöytyä, Finland.

Photo: Ponsse contract service center Sasuco Oy from Nakkila congratulated Petri Kula (center) on 20 years of operation. Markus Santikko on the left, Joonas Suomalainen from Sasuco Oy on the right.