Mål, vision och värderingar

Business concept


Våra kunder lyckas tillsammans med oss.


Ponsse är den mest eftertraktade partnern för ansvarsfullt skogsbruk.


Hållbara lösningar till nytta för våra kunder och miljön.



  • We are honest and work with high ethics
  • Reliability
  • We keep sincerely what we have promised and we do not give any false promises
  • Openness


  • We pursue for continuous improvement of products and services as well as processes 
  • We are initiative and open-minded
  • Change is always an opportunity

Ponsse spirit

  • Modesty and humble minds before work
  • Willingness to succeed and entrepreneurship
  • Capability in decision-making
  • Refusing to compromise in achieving goals
  • Common responsibility for the success of our business
  • We maintain good humour and fair play 
  • Recognition and appreciation of our human resources and good communication
  • Helping our own colleagues and taking others into consideration

Closeness to the customer

  • A real interest of the customer
  • Knowing the business of the customer
  • Good reachability and fast reaction
  • Willingness to serve and good support for the customer
  • Flat organisation