Responsibility themes and objectives

Responsibility themes and objectives

Main themes and objectives of our responsibility work

Sustainable solutions for the benefit of our customers, our people and the environment

PEOPLE – We promote the well-being of our people

Ponsse is an equal work community where it is safe to work. We value each other and take care of each other, as well as of our customers and network. Our machines are safe and ergonomic for their users.

INNOVATIONS – We innovate reliable solutions that respect nature

Our products and services enable sustainable forestry. We take responsibility for the machine's life cycle and extend it with excellent maintenance services. We develop solutions that promote the circular economy and reduce the machine's environmental impact.


ACTIONS – We do not burden the environment with our activities

We are aware of the environmental effects of our operations and work systematically to improve them. We strive for carbon neutrality and material efficiency in our operations.

COMMUNITY – We are a reliable partner for whom community spirit is an asset

Honesty, ethics and community spirit are the essence of Ponsse. Our good management practices and ethical operating principles lead to equal treatment of people, sustainable business and confidential cooperation. Community  is important to us everywhere we operate.