Tillbaka Ponsse group technology company Epec opens a responsible and smart factory

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Ponsse group technology company Epec opens a responsible and smart factory

Epec Oy’s new smart electronics factory aims for carbon neutrality and uses responsible manufacturing processes.

The Finnish technology company Epec opens a new smart and environmentally friendly Epec Smart Factory 1 (ESF1) in Seinäjoki, Finland. The factory produces, for example, control units, displays, sensors, power distribution units and telematics units for the needs of various mobile work machines and commercial vehicles. In addition, Epec designs and develops systems and software for machine manufacturer needs.

The state-of-the-art factory is a significant investment for Epec and is in line with the company’s growth goals and responsibility commitments. The Managing Director of Epec, Jyri Kylä-Kaila, explains: “Responsibility goals are also pushing the technology transformation in the mobile machinery and commercial vehicle sector. The technology transformation is accelerating digitisation and electrification in mobile machinery and vehicles. Epec’s products play a key role in enabling the development of more responsible mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. They offer solutions for integrating electronic systems and control systems, optimise the efficiency of machines and promote productivity, while reducing emissions. Our products enable the path towards zero-emission work machines. The factory offers us a significant opportunity for our growth and for our customers’ continued success.”

“We are really excited about Epec’s new factory. The rapid development of technology and increasing sustainability demands provide Epec with an excellent opportunity to contribute to technology aimed at zero emissions. Ponsse’s vision is to be the preferred partner in responsible forestry, obliging us to conduct bold development work from an environmental perspective as well. Ponsse aims for more climate- and environmentally friendly solutions in product and service development. The factory in Seinäjoki is one concrete step towards this goal, both in terms of product offering and daily operations. Epec supports Ponsse’s technological development and plays a part in enabling our future growth”, says Juho Nummela, President and CEO, Ponsse Plc

Intelligent and sustainable electronics production

ESF1 aims for carbon neutrality during operation and uses sustainable manufacturing processes. The factory, covering an area of 8,500 m2, incorporates energy-efficient solutions, including electricity generation from more than 600 solar panels (210 MWh/year) and a geothermal system. Heat recovery is achieved through efficient needle heat exchangers, and the need for cooling energy is significantly reduced by an aluminium grille in the office wall. All electricity and heating energy is sourced from renewable sources.

The ESF1 project progressed according to the planned schedule. Epec moved its headquarters and production to new premises at the end of 2023. The expanded and modern production facilities enable the optimisation of manufacturing processes and improvement in material flow management. The opening of the factory is 18 January 2024.

“Digitalisation and sustainability are at the core of ESF1,” says Eeva Koskela, Epec’s Supply Chain Director, who led the project. “Automation, leveraging data and careful planning ensure not only productivity but also work safety and comfort. The factory is designed and equipped to better meet customer needs and stringent quality requirements. Overall, the testing and production technology are top-notch. The relocation project proceeded smoothly, and it seems the facilities serve Epec’s needs excellently.”

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Epec Oy, Managing Director, Jyri Kylä-Kaila, +358 50 317 1178, jyri.kyla-kaila@epec.fi 
Ponsse Plc, President and CEO, Juho Nummela, +358 400 495 690, juho.nummela@ponsse.com
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