Budget Parts

Budget parts

Budget parts

PONSSE Budget parts are considerably more affordable than regularly priced parts. They can have slight cosmetic defects or cannot be sold as new for other reasons. They are still completely fit for use, which has been validated with an inspection. Most budget parts have been slightly damaged during transport and have been removed from storage or the assembly line as a result. They can also be completely new prime quality parts for older machines that are no longer sold as new parts due to low demand. The functionality of budget parts is guaranteed, but they are not covered by our usual spare parts warranty or the right to return. Availability varies, so keep an eye on our continuously updated budget part list.

The range of budget parts consists of more than 500 different
items, the most typical of which include engine covers, doors and
covers for external repairs. The range also includes the spare
parts listed below:
• wheels
• cylinders
• hydraulic motors and pumps
• computers
• switches and buttons
• pins and valves
The range of PONSSE Budget parts is expanded continuously. For
more information about the updated range of parts, please contact
the nearest PONSSE service centre.

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