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Liquefied gas to be replaced with biogas at Ponsse’s factory

Ponsse seeks to achieve carbon neutrality at its factory in Vieremä by 2025. Considering this goal, the most significant part of emissions comes from the use of liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel in the surface treatment process in production. Liquefied gas will be replaced by a renewable fuel when Ponsse shifts to biogas procured from a local biogas terminal.

Ponsse’s personnel reductions smaller than estimated

Internationally Acclaimed iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Given to the PONSSE Opti 5G Information System

Key Flag symbol awarded to Ponsse Plc’s Online Store

Ponsse’s operating model to be updated

Einari Vidgén Foundation Awards Responsible Forestry Professionals

For the 19th time, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation is honouring merited forestry professionals. The application is now opened on the Foundation’s website. This year, the Foundation is looking for responsible logging professionals, whose work focuses on broad range of forest machinery and forestry skills and, as well as sustainable development.

Ponsse plans to renew its operating model globally

The planned new global operating model aims to strengthen Ponsse’s long-term competitiveness, efficiency and enable even better customer service.  

Janne Loponen has been appointed Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda.

Ponsse group technology company Epec opens a responsible and smart factory

Epec Oy’s new smart electronics factory aims for carbon neutrality and uses responsible manufacturing processes.

Ponsse fertigt die 20.000ste Forstmaschine

Die 20.000ste PONSSE Forstmaschine lief im Ponsse-Werk in Vieremä vom Band. Nach der Feier am 11. Dezember wird der PONSSEBear Harvester mit dem PONSSE-Harvesteraggregat H8 an den norwegischen Kunden Lågen Skogsdrift AS ausgeliefert. 

Ponsse’s cooperation negotiations have ended

Ponsse is preparing for production adaptations by initiating cooperation negotiations