Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Our product and service solutions enable sustainable forestry

We bear responsibility for the machine lifecycle and extend it through excellent maintenance services. We develop solutions that promote the circular economy and reduce the environmental impact of machines. We know the environmental impact of our operations and work systematically to improve it. We seek carbon neutrality and material efficiency in our products and operations.

In 2023 we calculated, for the first time, Scope 2 emissions using the location-based method. 

Towards carbon neutrality

Sustainable development guides all our actions. As an innovative leader in our industry, we also take responsibility for our environment and the health of forests. We systematically strive for carbon neutrality in our operations and solutions.

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Products and services as part of sustainable forestry

We are committed to developing sustainable and innovative harvesting solutions. The expectations of our stakeholders have placed the environment front and centre in our research and development.  Our investments in minimising fuel consumption, emissions, and tree and soil damage, as well as our aftersales service solution development, also affect the sustainability of our customers’ operations.

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Pioneering the circular economy

Our circular economy competence is particularly strong in the spare part and used machine business. We sell and refurbish trade-ins in all our market areas, extending machine life cycles and providing our customers with remanufactured spare parts that are cost-effective and minimise resource waste.

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