Insider information, profit warning: Ponsse cuts its guidance for 2024 and announces preliminary information on the turnover and profitability of the first quarter of 2024

Ponsse Plc, Insider Information, 19 April 2024 at 12:15 p.m Ponsse cuts its guidance for 2024. The company's operating profit in euros is estimated to be slightly weaker than in 2023 (47.2 euros). The turnover and operating profit (EBIT) of the first quarter are expected to be significantly lower than the comparison period.

Key Flag symbol awarded to Ponsse Plc’s Online Store

Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Ponsse Plc and the Decisions of the Constitutive Meeting of the Board of Directors

Ponsse’s operating model to be updated

Smart tools for planning and optimization of harvesting

As part of Business Finland's Veturi funding for forest machine manufacturer Ponsse, Sitowise is working with Ponsse to explore the potential of artificial intelligence for smarter planning and optimization of loggings.

Einari Vidgén Foundation Awards Responsible Forestry Professionals

For the 19th time, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation is honouring merited forestry professionals. The application is now opened on the Foundation’s website. This year, the Foundation is looking for responsible logging professionals, whose work focuses on broad range of forest machinery and forestry skills and, as well as sustainable development.

Notice to the Annual General Meeting of Ponsse Plc

Ponsse’s Annual and Sustainability Reports for 2023 are published

Ponsse´s Financial Statements for 1 January – 31 December 2023

Ponsse plans to renew its operating model globally

The planned new global operating model aims to strengthen Ponsse’s long-term competitiveness, efficiency and enable even better customer service.  

Ponsse Manager 2.0 kombiniert digitales Angebot in einem Paket

PONSSE Manager 2.0 ist eine digitale Serviceplattform der neuen Generation und ein Managementsystem für PONSSE Forstmaschinen, das Kunden wertvolle Daten zu ihren Maschinen liefert, u. a. zum Standort der Maschinen, Produktivitätszahlen und Kraftstoffverbrauch. PONSSE Manager überwacht den Bestandsverlauf, plant und verwaltet Maschinentransporte, verfolgt Maschinenproduktion und Leistungsdaten nach Baum- und Sortimentarten und druckt Berichte aus.

Janne Loponen has been appointed Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda.

Ponsse group technology company Epec opens a responsible and smart factory

Epec Oy’s new smart electronics factory aims for carbon neutrality and uses responsible manufacturing processes.

Einladung: Ponsse Studio - Manager 2.0

Ponsse Studio presents: Manager 2.0