Information systems

Opti Information systems

Opti Information systems

The basic principle behind PONSSE Opti information systems is user-friendliness. This is why they have been designed according to operators’ wishes and forest companies’ requirements. The PONSSE Opti product range offers just the right system for forest machines and the control and monitoring of harvesting. The Opti system’s easy-to-use programs offer convenience in the use, control and calibration of forest machines and the management of bucking files.

The PONSSE Opti product range consists of machine control and work management systems for harvesters, forwarders and track-based forest machines. The Opti system range also includes Opti Map 2, a map application for PONSSE forest machines, which offers efficient assistance in the planning of harvesting and local transportation. To promote productive harvesting, Ponsse also invests in the development of effective training technology.

PONSSE harvesters and forwarders also include the monitoring of working hours and efficiency as standard equipment. The high performance of PONSSE forest machines is based on Opti Control, a basic system for forwarders. OptiControl makes machine control easier, with the crane, handles and buttons, transmission and diesel engine operating as a single easy-to-use system. Ponsse’s versatile Opti software range makes the planning and management of wood procurement, harvesting and logistics information more effective within the wood procurement chain.

Ponsse’s Opti information systems make wood procurement quick and easy!