Circular economy

Pioneering the circular economy

Pioneering the circular economy

Our objectives: Reducing material waste and raw material consumption with circular economy solutions

In accordance with the principles of circular economy, we refurbish and sell used forest machines and spare parts. The Ponsse Reman & Parts Recirculation unit handles parts damaged in customer use, our sales network, or at the factory. The parts are refurbished and sold at an affordable price to customers or used to repair used forest machines. We have also designed PONSSE performance packages for updating old trade-ins to modern standards.

Parts remanufacturing provides customers with low-cost products, minimises material waste, and solves challenges related to the availability of spare parts. The parts sent for remanufacturing are typically the largest and most valuable power train components, such as engines and gearboxes. Remanufactured parts include a security deposit, which customers get back when they return the damaged part for remanufacturing. This ensures that spare parts do not end up as waste.

We have studied the environmental impacts of refurbishing by using life cycle analysis, and the results support our circular economy objectives: compared to a new component, the carbon footprint of a refurbished component is smaller by a quarter. The better we are at reusing machine parts, the less emissions there will be from the machines during their entire life cycle.