Business concept

Business concept


Our customers succeed together with us.


Ponsse is the preferred partner in responsible forestry.


Sustainable solutions for the benefit of our customers and environment.


We truly care

  • We care about our customers and each other 
  • We work together 
  • We care about winning
  • We appreciate feedback from each other and customers 
  • We treat everyone with respect and inclusion 
  • We are present and support each other’s success 
  • We ask for and give support 
  • We act with everyone’s safety in mind 

We work for customers

  • We know our customers and their business 
  • We know how our work affects the customer 
  • We make decisions boldly, understanding their meaning
  • We do our best - every day

We are honest

  • We keep our promises 
  • We communicate openly and constructively, even in challenging situations 
  • We take responsibility together and as individuals 
  • We base our decisions on facts, we are realistic and effective 
  • We act ethically and build our future together

We are open for renewal

  • We enable the continuous development of Ponsse and Ponsse employees 
  • We develop our operations with customer-orientation and environmental focus
  • We are excited and curious about new things 
  • We see change as an opportunity to learn 
  • We are resilient and endure uncertainty