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Harvester heads

Available in all size categories

Durability and dependability are central to Ponsse harvester head design. The harvester heads must endure extreme stress and at the same time operate accurately and as gently as possible so as not to damage the trunk surface unnecessarily. Ponsse harvester heads were developed in collaboration with the users: decades of experience and continuous product development make Ponsse the market's quality leader in harvester heads.

PONSSE H10 (4)

Power for processing.


The new PONSSE H10 processing head offers unbeatable quality and productivity to a new size class.

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H8 hd-category

Tough performance


PONSSE H8 HD is a tough-built harvester head with high power and excellent geometry for the most demanding logging operations.

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Optimized productivity


The superbly efficient PONSSE H8 harvester head improves the efficiency of harvesting. Its robust structure, efficient operations and precise controls ensure long service life, high rates of work productivity and high-quality timber.

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PONSSE H7 HD-category

Efficient durability


Suitable for tracked machines as well as large wheeled harvesters, PONSSE H7 HD offers heavy-duty reliability and performance for rough demands.

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Efficient felling


The versatile PONSSE H7 harvester head is well suited for both regeneration felling and thinning sites. The harvester head’s excellent roller assembly offers large trunk load-bearing capacity. The smooth grip adjustment of the delimbing knives and feed rollers as well as the locking connection of the non-slip grip feed motors make the H7 an unbeatably powerful harvester head.

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Reliable efficiency


PONSSE H7euca is a new generation harvester head for debarking the trees during processing. The H7euca is based on long experience of the PONSSE harvester head family, the reliability and the excellent characteristics of the H7 harvester head and the experience of debarking requirements.

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New eucalyptus specialist.


PONSSE H77euca harvester head is specially designed for efficient harvesting of eucalyptus – without compromises.

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Productivity at all sites


The efficiency, economy and compact size of the PONSSE H6 harvester head makes it the best general harvester head on the market. The PONSSE H6 harvester head is highly versatile, and its use ranges from thinning sites with small trees to regeneration felling.

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Power to the thinning sites


The PONSSE H5 harvester head brings the productivity of thinning to a completely new level. Working is fast and smooth and the design pays special attention to multi-stemming, in particular. Combined with a structure that facilitates easy maintenance, H5 truly meets the new requirements set by loggers.

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