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Ponsse provides you with the best tools for all tree species and harvesting environments. We design PONSSE products according to what our customers want: efficiency, durability and ease of use. No wonder that PONSSE machines are famous for being the best forest machines in the world – this is exactly what they were designed to be.

PONSSE Scorpion

Productivity is an asset


PONSSE harvesters handle both energy wood and larger-diameter trunks fast and efficiently. Because PONSSE machinery is so versatile, it ensures maximum productivity in all types of harvesting conditions. All this with top level user comfort no matter the terrain!

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PONSSE ElephantKing

Power and comfort


Agility, power, ergonomics, weight distribution and economic efficiency – these are the features that set PONSSE forwarders apart. Select from six modern designs suitable for soft soil and steep slopes alike. Power and user comfort are standard features.

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One PONSSE – two machines

Dual harwarders

BuffaloDual is a versatile machine that can be transformed from an efficient harvester into a powerful forwarder in a matter of minutes. When two machines are simply too much, BuffaloDual is the answer. It is the most versatile forest machine on the market, manufactured with uncompromising power and technology.

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Available in all size categories

Harvester heads

Specially designed models to different size categories guarantee that you have the most efficient harvester head at your disposal regardless of the harvesting site. From heavy-duty logging to energy wood harvesting.

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Exceptionally powerful and accurate

Cranes and loaders

When working with forest machines, the majority of work is performed using cranes and loaders. This means that the strength, movement speed and controllability of cranes and loaders are critical to harvesting efficiency. Ponsse meets these challenges by offering products with extreme performance for their size, extensive hydraulic capacity and the advanced OptiControl system.

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Efficient harvesting of energy wood


The economical harvesting of energy wood calls for effective, productive methods. PONSSE Bioenergy products make the harvesting of energy and small wood flexible and efficient. Energy wood can be harvested simultaneously with industrial wood, cut separately, or the harvesting equipment can be harnessed solely for the harvesting of industrial wood, where necessary.

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Optimised power, accurate data

Information systems

Ponsse designs and manufactures all of the control and measuring systems needed for the harvesting chain. This means our products satisfy all the information needs of forest professionals, from optimised power and machine information systems to wood procurement systems and training technology.

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PONSSE Synchrowinch category

Tethered performance

PONSSE Synchrowinch

PONSSE traction assistance winch helps achieving high productivity in steep ground operations. It allows operating the same machines in flat and steep work sites with no need for additional machinery or methods.

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