Ponsse Studio Presents: New H8 harvester head launch

Ponsse Studio Presents: New H8 harvester head launch

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Ponsse to demonstrate the next generation’s harvester head

Ponsse strengthens its position as one of the leading harvester head manufacturers by introducing the completely new PONSSE H8 harvester head. Featuring a strong feed, the strong next generation’s harvester head, when equipped with the Active Speed function, raises effectiveness and productivity to a whole new level.
With Active Speed, the harvester head’s operating speed can be adjusted based on the tree species and stem diameter. Equipped with this new function, working with the H8 harvester head is smooth, no matter what the tree diameter is.  

Register in our online event to be among the first to hear the comments of our specialists and customers on the next generation’s harvester head and Active Speed.  

The English event will be held on 17 February at 10 am EET and 6 pm EET.  The event will be subtitled in Finnish, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese.


Janne Loponen
Ponsse Plc, Product Manager, harvester heads
janne.loponen@ponsse.com, tel. +358 40 502 8018.