Instructions for transporting the machine at the port (Harvester)

1. Instructions for transporting the machine at the port (harvester)

1.1 For port personnel


1.1.1 Contact information


These times are Finnish time (UTC+2)

Mo - Fr 08.00–21.00 (8:00 am - 9:00 pm)

Tel. +358 20 7688400






North America

Central time

Mo-Fr 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tel. +1 715 369 4833


Zhao Rujin
Local time 8 am – 5pm
+86-1827 8962 157





These times are UTC-3
Mo–Fr 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tel. +55 11 4795 4600




1.1.2 For port personnel

IMPORTANT: Before moving the machine at a port, closely watch the video instructions presented on these pages. The language of the subtitles for the video instructions can be changed from “subtitles” in the “settings” menu at the bottom of the video.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that there are no persons within the machine’s danger area.

IMPORTANT: In case of problems, contact an authorised PONSSE service.


1.2 Lifting and fastening the machine for transportation

WARNING: Verify the machine’s actual weight before lifting!
Machine Model Machine weights starting from without optional equipment:
Ergo 8W 20 500 kg
Ergo Active Frame 21 500 kg
Beaver 16 700 kg
Bear 23,800 kg
Cobra 19 800 kg




Centre of gravity, sliding boom crane


Centre of gravity, parallel crane

2. Engine heater (optional equipment)

When the temperature is below -10 °C, it is recommended that the engine heater is used before starting the engine. The heater is to be used for 30–60 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.

  • Starting the heater: press button 1, and the heater will start in a few seconds
  • Heater shutdown: press button 1 again, and the heater will stop in a few seconds

Start the engine (see the next chapter) and allow the engine to run idle for as long as the engine heater was on in order to recharge the batteries.


IMPORTANT: If the engine heater is different from the heater in the image, please contact an authorised PONSSE service.


3. Before starting engine and starting engine
WARNING: Make sure that there is nobody in the danger area of ​​the machine.
IMPORTANT: If the machine needs auxiliary starting current, see section 6.3.

ATTENTION: Do not let the engine speed exceed 1,200 rpm before the hydraulic oil warms up; higher running speed of the engine may damage the hydraulic system.
4. Lights

2 Emergency light

3 Turning signal indicator

4 Turning signals

5 Parking lights and headlights

  • 0 = OFF
  • 1 = parking lights and switch background light
  • 2 = parking lights and headlights

6 Low/high beam: low beam / high beam

7 Cabin interior lights

  • 0 = OFF
  • 1 = interior lights with door switch to activate the lights
  • 2 = interior lights (all on)

8 Working lights ON/OFF

9 Working light selector buttons

5. Driving the machine
DANGER: When the seat is turned toward the crane and the crane control switch (13) is on, the crane movements are functional. Do not move the control handles unless you know how to control the crane. Do not use the switches in the control handle or switch panel unless stated otherwise in the instructions.
IMPORTANT: When transporting a machine with a parallel crane, the tip of the crane boom must be lifted from the ground. See section 5.1 first.


5.1 Moving a machine with a parallel crane by driving

L Left control handle

R Right control handle

1 Booms down

2 Booms up


The following crane movements do not normally need to be operated when moving a machine:

3 Luffing boom out

4 Luffing boom in

5 Turning the crane to the left

6 Turning the crane to the right


14 Crane base tilt with the pedal

  • A forward
  • B backward


1. Remove the transportation supports for PONSSE handles before using the handles (for driving the machine).

2. Switch on the crane control switch (13).

3. Lift the booms so that the crane head is approximately one (1) metre above the ground.

4. See section Driving the machine.

5. When driving, monitor that the crane remains aligned with the machine centreline. Otherwise the harvester head saw box can touch the tyre and damage both the tyre and the harvester head.

6. Switch off the crane control switch (13).

6 Stopping the engine

6.1 Normal engine stop


6.2 Emergency engine stop

The engine stops by pressing the emergency stop push button (10/12) until it bottoms. The parking brake is activated automatically (the parking brake switch (11) remains in the OFF position), the steps are lowered. The hydraulic operations stop. The power and electric functions remain active.

The engine cannot be started when the emergency stop button is down. Release the button by turning it clockwise.

Before restarting the engine, switch the parking brake switch to the ON position.


6.3 Auxiliary start-up of the engine

ATTENTION: If auxiliary current is needed, be careful with the short circuiting and sparking of the batteries. Explosion hazard!
ATTENTION: When the machine is equipped with an extinguishing system, note that the extinguishing system does not work if any of the battery cables are disconnected or the extinguishing system fuse has been removed.
IMPORTANT: If you are uncertain about what to do, contact a person who can help you with auxiliary starting or contact an authorised PONSSE service.