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The 15,000th PONSSE delivered to Lespromindustria

Today, the 15,000th PONSSE forest machine was completed at Ponsse’s factory in Vieremä and delivered to Lespromindustria from Russia. The machine delivery also represented a step towards Ponsse’s 50th anniversary to be celebrated next year. Fifty years of logging will be celebrated by a global roadshow together with Ponsse’s customers and other forest industry professionals.

The PONSSE Buffalo delivered today will operate in Tomsk as a partner for a new PONSSE Ergo. Lespromindustria is a significant seller of sawn goods in its region, and it has 12 PONSSE forest machines. Next year, Ponsse will open a new service centre in Tomsk, and also build a new service centre in Joensuu. 

The 15,000th PONSSE was manufactured at the new factory opened a year ago. It was the most significant investment in the company’s history at nearly EUR 40 million. The significant investment in the future has proved its worth along the way towards continuous development. The amount of testing and quality control has increased considerably. For example, the factory features an optical 3D scanning unit, representing the latest technology, to inspect all forest machine structures at extreme precision and ensure that all structures meet their quality requirements. At the same time, the factory has been modernised in terms of eco-friendliness and ergonomics. Flexible working methods enable the broadest product range in the markets and reactions to changing market needs. Soon, the 1,000th PONSSE Scorpion, the flagship of the model range, will exit the production line. 

The Vieremä factory has grown to cover an area of nearly four hectares. It is still based around a 300 square metre hall from where it all started 50 years ago. The oldest still-operational forest machine factory in Finland forms the core of Ponsse’s production. 

New products in serial manufacturing

PONSSE Cobra harvester and PONSSE Bison, new products launched last year, are in full serial production alongside the new Active Crane. 

PONSSE Bison Active Frame has become a revolutionary new model in forwarder markets. Equipped with a modern Mercedes-Benz engine, a powerful loader and a strong continuously variable transmission (CVT), Bison Active Frame is a true powerhouse for the local transport of timber. The model is equipped with the Active Frame suspension system. The solution has a simple and functional structure, effectively suspending any sideways movement directed at the operator.  

The fast-selling PONSSE Cobra is an adaptable all-round harvester with eight wheels and, thanks to its extensive range of equipment, it is suitable for various cutting and working methods. Cobra’s strengths are its six-cylinder engine and hydraulic system, powered by the large 210 cm3 work pump, and its strong and tested structure. Thanks to its high-quality basic solutions, Cobra is a dependable and fuel-efficient machine. Ïts accurate and easy-to-use crane, good balance and powerful six-cylinder engine make Cobra an economical solution for varying conditions.

PONSSE Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and boosting efficiency. It is a forwarder system which the operator uses to control the grapple movement instead of individual functions, allowing the operator to concentrate efficiently on loader work. Active Crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of which controls the grapple height from the ground and the other controls the direction of movement. What is essential is that the operator does not need to control all the functions simultaneously. When the operator selects a specific spot, Active Crane automatically takes care of lifting, folding and extension movements.  

The 50th anniversary roadshow lets everyone celebrate

Originated from forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén’s dream to build the best forest machine in the world, Ponsse will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. We will celebrate together with our customers – following the true Ponsse spirit – where else but at logging sites!  

Our 50th anniversary roadshow will travel round the world, stopping at different logging sites and at more than 100 different events in 28 countries. Our European roadshow will start from Finland on 23 January and end at the FinnMETKO 2020 exhibition. We will also visit various logging sites in South and North America, Russia, Asia and Australia. During our roadshow, we will collect feedback from our customers and demonstrate our new products and services.
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