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Ponsse’s customer service centre in Kuopio has been modernised

Ponsse has modernised its customer service centre in Sahakatu in Kuopio to serve its customers even better and ensure the effectiveness of maintenance and spare parts services more flexibly.   

Ponsse’s services in Kuopio consist of a broad range of spare parts and forest machine accessories, machine sales, large-scale field maintenance, and the Ponsse Shop which offers high-quality work clothing and leisure wear.  

“The modernised customer service centre in Kuopio allows us to serve our customers even better than before. When maintenance and spare parts services are more flexible, our customers can focus more on their business operations. During the modernisation, completely new customer service facilities were built to serve as a home for the receipt of assignments, spare parts sales and the Ponsse Shop,” says Jani Liukkonen, Country Manager for Ponsse Finland.   

The Kuopio customer service centre in Sahakatu 1 was opened in 2020. It employs ten experienced full-time professionals in the maintenance and sale of forest machines. The grand opening of the new facilities and a market event will be held on 15 September with Avesco, a company operating in the same building.  

Ponsse Express – services customised for our customers 

Ponsse Express is a flexible delivery and freight service for forest machine spare parts, customised according to each customer’s needs. It is available in Finland as a delivery or freight service. In the Kuopio region, the delivery service has operated since 2019.  

The Express delivery service is fully customised according to customer needs, with the agreed forest machine accessories and wear parts delivered directly onto customer shelves. Orders can be placed online in Ponsse’s spare parts sales, after which the ordered items will be collected at Ponsse’s logistics centre, from where they will be delivered to customers. The service offers a comprehensive solution for customers that encompasses a consideration of the environment and recycling, as old spare parts and empty plastic cans, including lubricants, are delivered for recycling in conjunction with replenishments. Through the delivery service, customers also have access to saw chain and blade maintenance, in which blunt saw chains are maintained by a partner and returned sharpened to the customer. Having operated since 2017, the delivery service covers roughly 250 Ponsse customers in Finland. 

In the freight service, the other Express service option, customers order spare parts online, after which service vehicles deliver them to pick-up locations. Optimally, spare parts ordered by a customer in the evening are delivered the following morning. The service enables our customers’ forest machines to operate as long as possible without interruption. The cargo service uses three routes in Finland – northern, eastern and western – and it has operated since 2017. 

Ponsse’s service network in Finland consists of 26 locations, employing roughly 200 professionals. Ponsse’s market share in Finland is approximately 50 per cent. 

Further information: Jani Liukkonen, Country Manager, Ponsse Finland, +358 40 095 3847,