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Forest machine data easily available to customers

Ponsse provides sustainable harvesting solutions by listening to customer needs, and it also aims to lead the way in the development of digital services. Ponsse has launched the PONSSE Data API service, on which customers can easily and cost-effectively use data obtained from forest machines directly in their reporting and enterprise resource planning systems.

Data API helps to analyse forest machine data in high detail based on each customer’s business needs. The service can be used as a data source for invoicing of harvesting operations or making salary payments, for example, based on harvesting production data. In addition, the service responds to the needs of logistics when planning operations in real-time alongside ongoing harvesting operations.   

“With Data API, customers can monitor the productivity and effectiveness of their machines and plan harvesting operations in even greater detail. With the service, forest machine data can be converted into valuable information directly in customers’ systems, raising the effectiveness and predictability of operations to a whole new level,” says Juho Leskinen, product group manager at Ponsse. 

The Data API service produces the most benefits for customers who use data and knowledge-based management in their operations. The service makes the use of forest machine data significantly easier and more affordable, and it brings knowledge-based management available to more users than before. UPM in Uruguay is one of the early adopters of the Data API service.  
Data API is offered as a part of PONSSE Manager. Manager is a next-generation digital service platform and forest machine management system that provides customers with valuable data on their fleet of machines. It keeps customers up to date on information that affects the profitability of their machines and helps improve the efficiency of operations.  

Watch a customer interview on the PONSSE Data API service here: 

Further information: Juho Leskinen, Ponsse Plc, product group manager, Digitalisation and Information Systems, +358 40 5742704,