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H8 hd-category


PONSSE H8 HD is a tough-built harvester head with high power and excellent geometry for the most demanding logging operations.

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PONSSE Used machines
Ponsse is a major global used machine dealer

In addition to selling new machines, Ponsse is a major seller of used machines in Europe, North America and Russia. We can offer the best and highest quality used Ponsse machines on the market. Additionally, no matter what the brand of the machine, you will receive it fully functional and, if you like, also serviced.

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PONSSE K121- more efficiency to forwarder load handling

PONSSE K121- more efficiency to forwarder load handling Ponsse presents the new loader for Elephant and ElephantKing forwarders. The completely new PONSSE K121 loader offers a new level of efficien...

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PONSSE Boost/Save

Save fuel and boost your operations.
This is our philosophy for significant savings. With modern products, information systems, training and proper service, you can improve productivity, fuel efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. We are constantly striving to improve the fuel efficiency of all our products and services.

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