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 BASE MACHINE: track-based machines weighing over 25 tonnes


The new PONSSE H10 processing head offers unbeatable quality and productivity to a new size class. PONSSE H10 is designed and built for heavy-duty processing work in hard conditions. Robust structure, strong grip and powerful feeding guarantee high efficiency and reliability thru the years.

PONSSE H10 is specially designed to work effectively as both harvesting head and processing head. Wide geometry of feed rollers and knives support even big trees from under that enables a lower pressures can be used, better feeding with lower fuel consumption. 

The PONSSE H10 processing head has also been tested in the USA. Its durable body structure, good grip and powerful feeding ensure good productivity and a long service life. Thanks to the Opti control system, the H10 is dimensionally very accurate. The product development work performed in cooperation with customers has focussed on the easy controllability and maintenance of the harvester head.

Video PONSSE H10 in North America


Technical details - PONSSE H10

Weight from (depending on the equipment)
5,732 lbs (2,600 kg) excl. rotator
83.5 in (2,120 mm)
82 in (2,080 mm)
Height without rotator
93 in (2,360 mm)
Power consumption
175 hp (130-140 kW)
Operating pressure
31 Mpa
Feed roller
Feed system
3 feed rollers
Feed force
max. 9,667 lbf (43 kN)
Feeding speed
max. 17 ft/s at 90 gpm (5,3 m/s at 340 l/min)
Maximum opening
35.2 in (895 mm)
Declimbing unit
Number of knives
1 floating, 1 fixed, 2 or 3 moving knives
Maximum opening of front knives
35.4 in (900 mm)
Maximum opening of rear knives
36.6 in (930 mm) optional
Delimbing knives and feed rollers are separately controlled
Measuring and control automatics
Measuring device