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Biography of the life of Einari Vidgrén

We have decided to author a biography of the life of Einari Vidgrén, the founder of Ponsse Plc.

Through Einari’s story, we want to bring forward the life’s work of the post war generation.
It will also be the story of the development of Finnish forestry and, most of all, of the people whose work resulted in an internationally-listed company with 1,300 employees. People whose success was seen as impossible in the Vieremä village amidst the depression, depopulation, unemployment and harsh realities of the early 1970s.

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Ponsse Factory

Ponsse – at home
in Vieremä

The factory in Vieremä is designed to serve customers not only in machine acquisitions but also throughout the lifespan of their products. 



Professional job – equipment in good condition

Ponsse’s professional experts do their utmost to keep your machine in first-class condition and,as it should be, efficient.  


PONSSE H5 - Power to the thinning sites

Power, productivity, comfort – Ponsse

Ponsse provides you with the best tools for all tree species and harvesting environments.  

Ponsse People

Ponsse and Me – a gallery

Share your own story with us!

Circumstances change – Ponsse stays. See forest harvesting sites from around the world, as seen through our customers’ eyes with their own pictures and stories.

Used machines

Ponsse’s powerful Used Machines

Ponsse’s powerful Used Machines

Ponsse is a major global used machine dealer. Ponsse’s used machines are reliable! Check out the latest used machines in stock.

Ponsse Forwarder Game

Ponsse Forwarder Game

A teaching aid
for job planning

The Ponsse Forwarder Game is a teaching aid for job planning to be used in forwarder operator training for young people and adults alike.