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Jean Sionneau appointed managing director of Ponsse’s subsidiary in France

Ponsse decides to divest its operations in Russia

Ponsse has decided to divest its operations in Russia. The divestment of all shares in OOO Ponsse, Ponsse Group’s subsidiary providing PONSSE services in Russia and Belarus, is currently being negotiated.

Ponsse invites its personnel to cooperation negotiations pursuant to the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings

Ponsse Studio presents: World premiere of new harvester, new forwarder and several new features to improve productivity

Environmentally friendly forestry leads Ponsse to develop solutions by listening to the customers’ needs keeping responsibility as a core of all operation. At the World Premiere on June 8, 2022, we are introducing a new harvester, a new forwarder, and several new features to improve the daily work of a forest machine operator.

Forest machine data easily available to customers

Ponsse provides sustainable harvesting solutions by listening to customer needs, and it also aims to lead the way in the development of digital services. Ponsse has launched the PONSSE Data API service, on which customers can easily and cost-effectively use data obtained from forest machines directly in their reporting and enterprise resource planning systems.

Einari Vidgrén Foundation rewards forestry professionals

The Einari Vidgrén Foundation has rewarded forestry professionals for the 17th time. The Einari Award, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation’s key recognition, was granted to Kalle and Hanna Pitkänen from Koneteko Pitkänen. Lifetime achievement awards were given to Esa Mikkonen and Tuomas Ramlin. The award ceremony was held in Rientola in Vieremä on 1 June.  

De nouveaux produits Ponsse pour une sylviculture responsable

Ponsse lance de nouveaux produits d’excellence pour améliorer la productivité de l’abattage durable. Ces nouvelles solutions ont été conçues en collaboration avec les clients afin de répondre à leurs besoins. L’abatteuse PONSSE Scorpion Giant et le porteur PONSSE Mammoth répondent aux exigences les plus élevées de la sylviculture moderne, que ce soit en matière d’ergonomie ou de productivité.   « Ces nouveaux produits consolident la position de Ponsse en tant que l’un des leaders mondiaux des solutions d’abattage responsable. Pour développer ces deux nouvelles solutions, nous nous sommes concentrés sur l’amélioration de l’ergonomie, de la sécurité et de la convivialité, mais aussi de la visibilité depuis la cabine. À nos yeux, nous avons parfaitement réussi et nous sommes ravis de présenter aujourd’hui ces nouveaux produits à nos clients ici, à Surahammar, en Suède, » explique Marko Mattila, Directeur des ventes, de l’entretien et du marketing chez Ponsse.

PONSSE fabrique sa 18 000e machine forestière

La 18 000e machine forestière PONSSE a été achevée à l’usine Ponsse de Vieremä. Une fois livré, le PONSSE Elk sera utilisé par l’entreprise VMC Bois en France.

PONSSE Scorpion Future Cabin received the internationally acclaimed iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

Since 1954, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been an internationally recognised indication of excellent design and one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. The iF brand is internationally recognised as the symbol of design excellence. The award winners will be celebrated at the iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT 2022 event at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin in Germany on Monday, 16 May 2022.

PONSSE Scorpion’s Future Cabin received the Fennia Prize design award

One of the most significant design awards in Finland was given to PONSSE Scorpion’s Future Cabin. In addition to Ponsse, Fennia Prize recognitions were given to Posti Group Corporation, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd and Myssyfarmi Oy.

PONSSE Manager already have more than 1,000 customer accounts

The forest machine sector has undergone major changes in recent years, driven by the development of digitalization, and the processing and management of data will play an even greater role in responsible harvesting in the future.

Ponsse delivered its 200th simulator to Sweden

The 200th PONSSE simulator was delivered to Södra Viken, a vocational education centre in Sweden. The simulator model is PONSSE Full, its ergonomics ensure a good training position and make learning meaningful.

Ponsse's Interim Report for 1 January – 31 March 2022

Juha Vidgrén from Ponsse to receive recognition from Finland’s entrepreneur organisation Suomen Yrittäjät

Ponsse Plc's board member and main owner Juha Vidgrén has received a recognition from Finland’s entrepreneur organisation Suomen Yrittäjät. The recognition, the Entrepreneurial Cross, is the highest the organisation awards.

Profit guidance: Ponsse expects its operating profit for 2022 to be significantly lower than in the previous year

Ponsse’s Supplier of the Year 2021 is HT Laser

HT Laser has been chosen as Ponsse’s Supplier of the Year 2021. The long-term cooperation since 2006 has been seamless.

Einari Vidgrén Foundation rewards recognitions for the 17th time

The foundation bearing Einari Vidgrén’s name will also reward merited forest industry professionals in 2022. The period for online applications will open on 22 April, with awards totalling EUR 150,000.