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PONSSE ACADEMY - training makes everything possible

The Ponsse Academy was established in 2005 to meet the needs of Ponsse's staff and stakeholders. Ponsse's vision and values place a strong emphasis on competence and its continuous development. Although Ponsse's operations are strongly focused on products and their development, the expertise of the personnel of the Group, subsidiaries and dealers is a strong competitive advantage, in which we also want to invest systematically.

An important part of Ponsse Academy's operations is the maintenance and development of the professional skills of Ponsse's own and its partners' personnel. This is to ensure that customers receive service from professionals worldwide.

One important aspect of Ponsse Academy's operations is co-operation with educational institutions, co-operation is systematically carried out and developed.


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Tiina Kautonen 

​​​​​​HR Director


Co-operation with

educational institutions


Jussi Jurvanen

Global Training Manager


Product & sales training


Terho Tanskanen

Global Service Manager


Service & technical training