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Tiina Kautonen appointed as CHRO at Ponsse Plc

Ponsse is one of Finland’s most reputable listed companies

According to the survey conducted by the Finnish Shareholders’ Association, the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and T-Media, the most reputable listed companies in 2022 are Kone, Ponsse and Vaisala. The survey evaluated the reputation of 81 listed companies in the eyes of Finnish private investors.

New managing director for Ponsse’s subsidiary in Russia

Ponsse to demonstrate new solutions at FinnMETKO 2022

The 19th FinnMETKO exhibition will be held in Jämsä, Finland on 1–3 September 2022. Finland’s largest professional and sales exhibition area in the heavy-duty machine industry will cover more than 200 hectares, both indoors and outdoors. Ponsse will have an impressive presence at FinnMetko with its various new products.

The carbon footprint of each product in Ponsse’s new clothing collection has been calculated

Ponsse is launching a new clothing collection, in which the carbon footprint has been calculated for each product. The collection is designed together with clothing brand Finsket, and its products are made in Kokkola using renewable energy.

Ponsse’s cooperation negotiations have ended

Ponsse dévoile sa nouvelle technologie de machine forestière électrique

Avec le PONSSE EV1, Ponsse et Epec présentent un concept de machine forestière électrique. Bien que la mise sur le marché de cette machine soit prévue pour une date ultérieure, la technologie Epec peut pour sa part déjà être utilisée dans les véhicules électriques ou hybrides proposés à la vente, ainsi que dans les machines mobiles hors-route. Le concept technologique présenté par Ponsse offre un aperçu de l'avenir du secteur, ouvrant la voie à un développement technologique et à des solutions d'exploitation toujours plus durables.  

INVITATION TO PONSSE STUDIO: Transforming Technologies, 17 August 2022

At the Ponsse Studio event, André Noël Chaker will host Juho Nummela, Ponsse’s President and CEO, and Jyri Kylä-Kaila, Epec’s Managing Director.  Join to be among the first to hear more! Book your front row seats and register now.

Ponsse’s Half-year Report for 1 January – 30 June 2022

Ponsse changes performance guidance for 2022

Ponsse divests its subsidiary in Russia

Jean Sionneau appointed managing director of Ponsse’s subsidiary in France