The task of an external auditor is to verify the company’s accounting, financial statements, annual report and administration for the financial period. The external auditor assesses whether the financial statements give a true and fair picture of the company’s results and its financial position at the end of the financial period. The company’s financial period is the calendar year. The audit also involves an examination of the consolidated financial statements. The company’s external auditor must ensure that the external auditors of each Ponsse Group company have conducted their audits properly.  The external auditor presents the auditor’s report to the Annual General Meeting.

The company has one auditor, which must be a public accounting firm authorised by the Central Chamber of Commerce. It is also required that the external auditor be independent of the company.

At 2023 Annual General Meeting, KPMG Oy Ab was elected as the company’s external auditor, and Ari Eskelinen, Authorised Public Accountant, was appointed as the principal auditor.