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Welcome to Shaping the Future – Data and Digitalization in Logging webinar!

Ponsse wants to lead the development of future forestry business models and that is why digitalization and data are already part of our sustainable forestry roadmap.


New Ponsse loaders for efficient load handling

Ponsse launches a new loader product family for the most popular forwarder models. The new K101 and K111 loaders are the latest additions to the product family, also represented by the previously launched K121 loader. The new loaders have been developed in cooperation with customers for efficient load handling, also in demanding conditions.


Nouveaux chargeurs PONSSE K101 et K111 : pour une manutention efficace des charges

Ponsse lance une nouvelle gamme de chargeurs adaptée aux modèles de porteurs les plus populaires. Déjà agrémentée du modèle K121, la gamme de chargeurs s’enrichit cette fois des nouveaux chargeurs K101 et K111. Ces nouveaux modèles ont été élaborés en collaboration avec les clients afin de garantir une manutention efficace des charges, même dans les conditions les plus exigeantes.


Invitation to web event – Ponsse launches new forwarder loaders for efficient load handling


Nouvelle couverture PONSSE Frame and Crane care pour les contrats de service Active Care

La couverture Ponsse Frame and Crane Care est une nouvelle option destinée aux machines forestières faisant l'objet d'un contrat de service Active Care


Nuevo cabezal de cosecha para procesamiento de árboles de eucalipto de Ponsse

Ponsse lanza un nuevo cabezal procesador de descortezado PONSSE H7 HD Euca, junto con el anteriormente presentado H8 HD Euca. El nuevo y poderoso cabezal procesador apoya firmemente la estrategia de Ponsse para convertirse en el principal fabricante global de cabezales procesadores


New harvester head for processing eucalyptus trees from Ponsse

Ponsse is launching a new debarking PONSSE H7 HD Euca harvester head alongside the previously released H8 HD Euca. The new powerful harvester head further strengthens Ponsse’s strategy to be the leading global manufacturer of harvester heads.


Invitation to a launch events of new Ponsse harvester head

The new PONSSE H7 HD Euca harvester head will be launched 5 May. The web events will be held in English at 9.00 and 16.00 EEST – both events are subtitled in Spanish and Portuguese.


The new PONSSE Scorpion’s Future Cabin wins the esteemed Red Dot product design award

The new Future Cabin included in the PONSSE Scorpion launched in February has won a product design award in the internationally acclaimed Red Dot design competition. The award in question was the Best of the Best award in the Product Design category, granted for the cabin’s innovative design. This was the highest recognition that could be achieved in the competition, granted to the best products of the various award categories.


Ponsse launches a new generation Scorpion harvester range

Ponsse launches a completely modernised range of Scorpion harvesters, which meets all the requirements of forestry today. The new PONSSE Scorpion takes harvest productivity and ergonomics to the next level and sets a new standard for the operator’s working environment.


Ponsse lance une gamme d’abatteuses Scorpion de nouvelle génération

Ponsse lance une gamme complètement modernisée d’abatteuses Scorpion, parfaitement adaptées aux besoins forestiers actuels. Avec la nouvelle PONSSE Scorpion, la productivité et l’ergonomie passent au niveau supérieur et l’environnement de travail de l’opérateur fait office de nouvelle référence.


Invitation à un événement de présentation

Ponsse présente l'abatteuse PONSSE Scorpion nouvelle génération


Invitation to a launch event of new PONSSE Scorpion Harvester

Ponsse launches the next generation PONSSE Scorpion harvester. Date: Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 10.00 (EET) in Finnish and at 15.00 (EET) in English.


Ponsse´s new Full Simulator

Ponsse is responding to the need for the development of training by modernising its simulator product range. The new PONSSE Full Simulator is a full-range training system. Its realistic forest environment and detailed graphics create a perfect platform for professional training.


Einari Vidgrén Foundation rewarded forestry professionals for the 15th time

Einari Vidgrén Foundation, named after the founder of Ponsse Plc, rewarded distinguished forestry experts. In total, the awards amounted to EUR 212,300. The main recognition is the Einari Award, which was given to Kimmo Kulojärvi Oy and Metsäkone Pirinen Oy. The Lifetime Achievement Awards were given to Olavi Kauhanen, Pekka Poikolainen, and Mikko Rysä. At the same time, 39 distinguished forest machine operators and 33 harvesting graduates were presented with awards. 


Ponsse invests in digital business and recruits new professionals

Ponsse is planning significant investments in the development of digital business. The company will open vacancies for ten positions in digital development as part of its extensive development of digital services. The significance of data-based services is increasing. PONSSE forest machines continuously collect volumes of data on machine operations and condition, as well as the state of the forest environment.