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angle-left The joint training programme of Ponsse and Savonia UAS makes working life part of studies
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The joint training programme of Ponsse and Savonia UAS makes working life part of studies

Ponsse and Savonia University of Applied Sciences (UAS) have launched the joint Digital Professional Student programme, in which accepted students can seamlessly combine their studies and on-the-job learning.


The training programme started in the spring of 2022. Four students were selected for the programme.

“We can provide students with the opportunity to learn software development in practice as part of real-life work projects. At the same time, we seek to find new specialists to join us in building Ponsse’s future,” says Miika Soininen, director of digital services and IT at Ponsse.

The training programme continues until the end of studies. Students carry out their summer employment periods, and part of the courses related to their degree at Ponsse. The thesis will also be written for Ponsse.

The training programme supports studies

The first four accepted students see the training programme as an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in their own field. It allows them to have broader access to working life already during their studies.

“The training period will give me useful tools for project activities and general problem solving,” says Niilo Viljamaa, who will work this summer at Ponsse as a testing automation trainee.

Elli Kauhanen will also work her first summer at Ponsse as a trainee in testing automation. The best part is to solve various challenges and tasks together with other team members.

“This is important for a first-timer like me, as it gives me access to the thought and problem-solving processes of more experienced workers,” Kauhanen says.

Santtu Vartiainen believes that the training programme will support his studies and make them more concrete.

“Ponsse is much more than just a factory where forest machines are manufactured. In addition to regular maintenance, marketing and R&D, digital services are also strongly linked to the company’s processes and services,” says Vartiainen, a first-year IT engineering student.

This summer, Olli Rautiainen’s tasks as a DevOps engineer trainee include the planning, definition and implementation of software quality monitoring.

“So far, the most memorable moment has been the factory visit. It has been great to see every day how there truly is power in cooperation. One person cannot and does not need to know everything: what is important is that there are helpful colleagues nearby,” Rautiainen says.

Cooperation with educational institutions produces results

In addition to Savonia UAS, Ponsse has been engaged in long-term cooperation with educational institutions of different levels.

For example, the Ponsse path offered with Ylä-Savo Vocational College (YSAO) already reached the mature age of ten years at the end of 2021. Students accepted for the path start on-the-job learning immediately during the first year of studies. After completing the path, students receive a practical degree and potentially a job directly after their studies.

Also in Tampere, Finland Ponsse along with its technology company Epec are cooperating with Tampere University. Students in the programme can combine their automation engineering master’s studies and training on the job. The programme has similarities to the programme Ponsse has in progress with Savonia UAS.