PONSSE Manager

Ponsse Manager

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Программа PONSSE Manager позволяет легко отслеживать и контролировать ежедневные операции вашей компании. Комплексный и удобный инструмент помогает в техническом обслуживании вашего парка машин и повышает эффективность планирования работ и передачи отчетов. Программа PONSSE Manager в режиме реального времени предоставляет исчерпывающую информацию о парке машин - как о производительности, так и о рабочих площадках. Программой удобна в использовании на смартфоне, планшете и персональном компьютере.

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Machine management (premium)

Machine management

The right machine in the right place at the right time. Monitor the progress of stands by comparing the estimated timber volume to the cut timber volume. With the map view and progress of stands, the entrepreneur can plan the move to the next stands.

Real-time management of productivity

PONSSE Manager displays in real time the production volumes of the machines by stand. The application displays the cut total volume, breakdown of timber grades and average size of trees for each on-going stand.

Remote management

The functions of PONSSE Manager support the operator’s efficiency. The application informs the entrepreneur in real time what is happening with the machine, so the operator can focus on the actual work. The application makes it possible to contact the data system of the forest machine with a single press of a button.

Instructive PONSSE Ecodrive

The PONSSE Ecodrive function makes it possible to monitor the productivity and work phases of an individual machine in detail. Momentary productivity can be compared to the productivity of the shift with the application. Work phase-specific indicators make it possible to develop working methods to be more productive and economical and ensure the functionality of adjustments. PONSSE Ecodrive is a system that instructs the user and gives measured feedback. Ecodrive can measure the effect of servicing on the productivity of the machine, for example.

Transport management

When machine transport is needed, the operator can place the order directly via the menu of Opti4G control system.

Management of machine servicing needs

The service section of PONSSE Manager makes it easy to check when the machines require service. The application displays the machine hours, and a scheduled maintenance interval can be set for the machines so that the application reports when the time of service is approaching. In addition, the operator can record notes on servicing needs directly via the Opti4G control system of the machine.


Reports is a section of PONSSE Manager. You can analyze production amounts and fuel consumption in different ways. You can also follow and print out measurement certificates.

With the reports produced by PONSSE Manager you can for example compare different machine’s productivity and follow fuel consumption of any machine. In work area reports you will see clearly and precisely amounts of cutted assortments and average stem sizes. You can also print out measurement certificates and compare various statistics in chosen time span. In this way, you can easily monitor your company’s operational efficiency and utilize this data from monitoring in later operation planning.

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