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Ponsse Plc - Managers' Transactions, Juho Nummela


Ponsse´s new solutions to improve productivity and profitability

Ponsse is presenting new features to support forest machine operators’ daily work and to assist forestry entrepreneurs to follow up on the fleet’s profitability and productivity: the PONSSE Scale crane system, which manages load data during all working stages, and the PONSSE High-Precision Positioning solution, which helps the machine operator know the exact location of the machine and the harvester head. We are also presenting a fossil-free material concept load space. Ponsse is the first forest machine manufacturer in the world to show a part of forest machine made of SSAB fossil-free steel. 


The Board of Directors of Ponsse Plc decided on new performance periods of share-based incentive plans


Ponsse to change segment reporting


PONSSE Mammoth conquista espaço nas operações brasileiras de baldeio

Com resultados comprovados de ganho em produtividade e consumo de combustível, a frota desse forwarder no Brasil chega a 10 máquinas, em menos de dois anos após o lançamento


Einari Vidgrén Säätiö palkitsi metsäalan osaajia

Einari Vidgrén Säätiö palkitsi ansioituneita metsäalan osaajia jo 19. kerran. Osaajia palkittiin yhteensä 180 000 eurolla. Säätiön palkitsemistilaisuus järjestettiin 4. kesäkuuta Vieremän Rientolassa. Säätiön päähuomionosoitus Einarin Palkinto myönnettiin Roger Lejeunelle, jonka metsänkorjuuyritys CC BOIS on toiminut jo yli 30 vuotta. Roger Lejeune aloitti metsäkoneurakoinnin yli 30 vuotta sitten Belgiassa. Hän osti metsää järjestääkseen puunkorjuunäytöksiä ja vakuuttaakseen metsänomistajat siitä, että puunkorjuun koneistaminen ja samalla tavaralajimenetelmä on tulevaisuutta nykyaikaisilla metsäkoneilla. Roger Lejeune on toiminut tavaralajimenetelmän pioneerina aikoinaan niin Keski-Euroopassa, Venäjällä kuin Chilessä. Tunnustuksia jaettiin Einarin Palkinnon lisäksi neljässä eri kategoriassa: elämäntyöpalkinnot, tunnustuspalkinnot, kuljettajapalkinnot ja opiskelijastipendit


Ponsse Plc - Managers' Transactions, Juho Nummela


Liquefied gas to be replaced with biogas at Ponsse’s factory

Ponsse seeks to achieve carbon neutrality at its factory in Vieremä by 2025. Considering this goal, the most significant part of emissions comes from the use of liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel in the surface treatment process in production. Liquefied gas will be replaced by a renewable fuel when Ponsse shifts to biogas procured from a local biogas terminal.


Com 18 anos no país, a frota da Ponsse ultrapassa 500 equipamentos vendidos no Brasil

Somente em 2024 mais de 20 novas máquinas foram entregues. Atualmente, a Ponsse representa cerca de 35% do mercado de máquinas florestais no Brasil.


Ponsse’s personnel reductions smaller than estimated


Internationally Acclaimed iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Given to the PONSSE Opti 5G Information System


Ponsse e Suzano celebram resultados do Projeto Cobra

Ganho em produtividade e melhor eficiência energética são resultados positivos para máquinas de pneus, em comparação com esteiras adaptadas, para colheita florestal em áreas planas


Ponsse’s Interim Report for 1 January – 31 March 2024


Insider information, profit warning: Ponsse cuts its guidance for 2024 and announces preliminary information on the turnover and profitability of the first quarter of 2024

Ponsse Plc, Insider Information, 19 April 2024 at 12:15 p.m Ponsse cuts its guidance for 2024. The company's operating profit in euros is estimated to be slightly weaker than in 2023 (47.2 euros). The turnover and operating profit (EBIT) of the first quarter are expected to be significantly lower than the comparison period.


Colheita florestal: Harbunk gera economia de 30% em áreas pequenas

Mais produtiva e sustentável, a máquina desenvolvida pela Ponsse reduz em 10% a emissão de CO\2\, na comparação com o sistema de colheita florestal anterior


Key Flag symbol awarded to Ponsse Plc’s Online Store


Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Ponsse Plc and the Decisions of the Constitutive Meeting of the Board of Directors


Ponsse’s operating model to be updated


Smart tools for planning and optimization of harvesting

As part of Business Finland's Veturi funding for forest machine manufacturer Ponsse, Sitowise is working with Ponsse to explore the potential of artificial intelligence for smarter planning and optimization of loggings.


Einari Vidgén Foundation Awards Responsible Forestry Professionals

For the 19th time, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation is honouring merited forestry professionals. The application is now opened on the Foundation’s website. This year, the Foundation is looking for responsible logging professionals, whose work focuses on broad range of forest machinery and forestry skills and, as well as sustainable development.