Ponsse Collection Products

Ponsse Collection Products

Work clothes

The Ponsse Collection embraces the worker. By the usage of strong, functional, and responsible materials,there is no need to worry about breakage while endeavoring heavy use and machinery. Whether it snows or shines, Ponsse Collection has got something for the entire family. The Workwear Collection ranges from side to side with over 40 items, including trousers , jackets, overalls and headgear in multiple different shapes and sizes that accommodate the needs and wishes required in the work field. Including high visibility materials increases safety and comfort regardless of the weatherconditions in lowlight and darkness alongside sunlight and snowfall.

Casual wear

The Ponsse Collection lacks no piece required in your wardrobe whether it is a need for hiking, outfits for the office or a chill time at home. Our extensive collections carry over 100 men’s pieces , 90 women’s pieces and 40 kids pieces, giving a solution for the occasion seeks for. Each day, Ponsse Collection, together with various suppliers, is after the most responsible solution for our clothing line. Our intentions lie with making clothes that fit well, feel good, and are made with safe production, and something we can proudly say is ours. Through each new line, we have made more responsible decisions by using recycled , upcycled and organic materials, that are collected and put together under humane circumstances. Giving a chance for all to feel confident a nd congenial while wearing the Ponsse Collection. Our sizes vary from extra small to four extra large, with slim fit options, in order to give as many ranges and freedom as possible. Our clothes are designed to be worn by people.


The Ponsse Collection accessory line consists of over 40 items, which have been designed for the purposes of hiking, safety and entertainment. Whether the need is for a backpack for a long hike in th e forests or to carry a laptop to the office in a recycled bag, we got you! We also provide an adequate collection of safety equipment’s such as harnesses, eye shields, helmets , and headlamps for the best possible experiences on the field. Each product is car efully decided and bettered by
our professionals. Our accessories have various products for children, teenagers, and adult s as well as something special for your loved ones. You can purchase fashionable design gifts , and everyday necessities easil y on our website,