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Ponsse’s New Solutions for Profitable Harvesting

 PONSSE’S products and services that improve productivity and profitability will have an exceptionally strong presence at the FinnMETKO trade fair in Jämsä, Finland. The PONSSE Bison forwarder and PONSSE Cobra and Fox harvesters will be launched at the fair. These products will complement Ponsse´s already extensive machine range.

The new products are part of the Boost/Save philosophy enabling customers to improve the productivity and cost efficiency of harvesting through the right products, information systems, training and service. Apart from forest machines, Ponsse will be presenting at the FinnMETKO fair new features, products and solutions for environmentally friendly and responsible harvesting.

PONSSE BISON Active Frame – unprecedented forwarder productivity
The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is a ground-breaking innovative forwarder. The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is a next-generation forwarder at its best over long transport distances. Featuring a modern Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine, powerful loader and robust CVT gearbox the Bison Active Frame is an unbeatable powerhouse for timber transport.

The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is equipped with Active Frame cabin suspension system. The structurally simple, yet effective system ensures that lateral swings affecting the driver is eliminated in an efficient and unnoticeable fashion.

PONSSE COBRA – an efficient harvester for varying conditions
The PONSSE Cobra is an eight-wheel all-round harvester with an extensive range of options. The Cobra’s strengths include a powerful six-cylinder engine, a high-performance hydraulics system powered by a large 210cm3 working pump, and a robust and thoroughly tested structure. Thanks to the high quality of its basic solutions, the Cobra is a reliable and fuel-economic package. The accurate and easy-to-use crane, great balance and powerful six-cylinder engine make it an excellent solution for varying conditions.

PONSSE Fox – bringing agility and efficiency to thinning 
Thanks to the latest technology and reliable basic solutions, the PONSSE Fox is an economical and efficient harvester. Suitable for demanding conditions and soft terrain, the Fox can easily tackle harvesting challenges thanks to its accurate and powerful crane, good visibility, great stability and low surface pressure. The eight-wheel PONSSE Fox is right at home at thinning sites and on soft terrain. The crane is powerful, easy-to-use and located near the cabin, with excellent visibility to the work area.

PONSSE Active Crane - smooth loader control
The PONSSE Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and boosting work performance. Active Crane is a new method the driver uses to control the grapple movement instead of individual functions. This allows the driver to concentrate on loading. The Active Crane is easy to control using two control levers, one of which controls the grapple height from the ground and the other the direction. What is essential is that the driver does not need to control all the functions simultaneously. When the desired grapple location is specified for the machine, the system performs the lifting, folding and extending operations automatically.

Cleaner operation with the new Stage V engines
The new Mercedes-Benz/MTU Stage V emission-level engines feature state-of-the-art engine technology, which makes them perfect for forest machines requiring an environmentally friendly approach and reliability combined with productive and fuel-economical work. The new Mercedes-Benz/MTU Stage V emission-level engines are efficient and economical.

Longer forwarder bogie – new option ensures lower surface pressure
A new, long bogie option is available for the eight-wheel PONSSE Wisent, Elk and Buffalo forwarder models, intended for loading in soft conditions. With a hub distance of up to 1,890 mm (6.2 feet), the longer bogie reduces the surface pressure of a machine equipped with tracks by up to 17% compared to a standard bogie.

PONSSE Manager Features improved harvesting productivity
Ponsse present new features for Ponsse Manager. The easy-to-use tool offers assistance in harvesting equipment maintenance and work planning, along with providing access to extensive reporting functions. PONSSE Manager provides comprehensive real-time information on equipment performance and work site status. The solution can be easily used via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

PONSSE Manager’s latest feature, hydraulic-pump condition monitoring, enables remote monitoring of the harvester’s working pumps from the office or using a smart device. The state of the working pumps can easily be monitored in the PONSSE Manager’s machine card along with other information. The data produced by condition monitoring improves the utilisation rate of the equipment. Now, condition monitoring provides information about the status and performance of crane and harvester pumps. 

Efficient load handling with the PONSSE K121 loader
Ponsse’s new loader offers power and speed for load handling in demanding conditions. The K121 loader is available for the Elephant and ElephantKing forwarder models. The new loader combines high slewing power and lifting capacity, increased reach, new loader geometry and great handling. 

PONSSE Seat – new technology for ergonomics
An innovation for improving the driver’s work ergonomics, the PONSSE Seat is the first seat designed specifically for forest machines. The new seat is easy to adjust and has an extra-strong base structure to provide the forest machine driver the best possible work comfort. The new PONSSE Seat dampens swinging motions and vibrations more efficiently than previous models. 

Modern tools ensure high-quality training 
PONSSE’s range of training simulators has expanded with two new models. The PONSSE Compact simulator includes full Opti4G control system features for harvesters and forwarders, including harvester head/tracked machine controls as an option. The PONSSE Compact simulator is light and can easily be transported because of its wheelbase. Aimed for operators, the PONSSE Basic simulator makes it possible to practice the main motions of a forwarder and harvester with authentic PONSSE Comfort Grip Controls. The Basic simulator includes a computer and controls attached to a conventional table but no control system. The SimTrainer training environment is also available for both simulators to support planned and controlled training.  


Ponsse's international service network consists of more than 180 service and spare parts centres staffed with over 550 experts serving customers. The network features service centres operated by Ponsse, its partners and contracted service providers; service vehicles used for field maintenance; and PONSSE Full Service projects. At FinnMETKO, service will present a wider selection of new solutions than ever before.  

Extended warranty for original PONSSE parts
Ponsse now offers the choice between two types of warranty for original spare parts.  Ponsse’s warranty for original spare parts can now be 6 months/1,200 hours or 12 months/2,000 hours. The extension of the warranty only applies to Ponsse’s original spare parts and excludes remanufactured parts.  Parts installed by a Ponsse authorized service shop are eligible for the extended 12 month/2000 hour warranty. In these cases, normal labor rates apply for initial installation.  If the customer installs a part, the spare part warranty remains the normal 6 months or 1,200 hours, whichever occurs first. Labor for subsequent installation of parts claimed to warranty in the 12month/2000 hour time frame is covered by Ponsse.

The PONSSE Parts Online service has already gained 350 users
Through PONSSE Parts Online service, customers can find and order spare parts for their machines. In addition to the ordering functions, PONSSE Parts Online displays the prices and availability of parts in real-time. Through PONSSE Parts Online service, you can order parts from the desired service centre. The service also has spare parts lists and operating manuals as well as the opportunity to record machine-specific notes. The service can be accessed via a PC or a mobile device.

PONSSE Active Manual
The PONSSE Active Manual is a new visual solution to assist drivers with the operation and day-to-day maintenance of their machines. The service utilizes new technology, such as AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D modelling. The Active Manual’s advantages include ease of use and speed. All information is presented in a manner that best suits the machine’s service point in question, enabling easy and fast implementation. The service will be available for the PONSSE Scorpion machines in early 2019.

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