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Ponsse Finland’s most reputable company for the fourth year in succession

In the minds of Finnish people, Ponsse is the most reputable company in Finland in 2021, ahead of Kone and Supercell, in the annual reputation survey. A total of 9,265 Finns participated in the survey.

T-Media’s Reputation&Trust survey identifies the reputation of companies operating in Finland in the minds of Finnish people. The greater public’s images are identified as the average of eight dimensions: governance, financial performance, leadership, innovation, dialogue, products and services, workplace, and responsibility. The 2021 survey was conducted in June and published today. As many as 9,265 Finns participated in the survey, providing a total of 19,792 company evaluations. 

This was the fourth year in succession for Ponsse as Finland’s most reputable company, as the company was also ranked first in 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

“It is very rare that a company receives a score of more than four in all eight dimensions. Ponsse’s performance has been excellent. It builds trust when a company’s performance is stable and solid,” says Harri Leinikka, CEO of T-Media, which conducted the survey. 

“We accept this recognition with a humble and grateful mind. It feels great that our story bears fruit and our thoroughly customer-driven way of working is ranked so high. I would like to thank our entire Ponsse family: every Ponsse employee and customer, and their families, as well as our stakeholders across the world. No-one can do this alone – we are in this together, both during good days and bad ones,” says Jarmo Vidgrén, Chairman of Ponsse Plc’s Board of Directors.

The reputation of Finnish companies has been studied for years

This was the ninth year when the Reputation&Trust survey was conducted. The companies with the highest and lowest reputations in the survey are selected annually on the basis of a preliminary survey conducted in spring. In the preliminary survey, 1,000 Finns spontaneously name two companies that they think have a particularly good reputation and two that have a particularly poor reputation. Next, the thirty most frequently mentioned companies are carefully studied using the Reputation&Trust model, in which the reputation score of a company is formed as the average of eight different dimensions. The survey’s target group consists of 15–65-year-old Finns, and the sample is weighted to represent the entire population based on gender, age and place of residence. 

Further information: Jarmo Vidgrén, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ponsse Plc, +358 40 519 1486,