PONSSE Remanufactured Parts offer you a low-cost and eco-friendly way to replace damaged original parts. Return the damaged part to us and replace it by buying a remanufactured part reconditioned at the PONSSE Reconditioning and assembly centre. You will receive compensation for the returned part when you purchase a remanufactured part, this provides you with considerable cost savings. As a guarantee of quality, Ponsse provides remanufactured parts with a six-month warranty. Service flexibility is ensured by Ponsse’s own reconditioning and assembly centre with more than 10 years’ experience.

Parts are given new life in the expert hands of our professionals. This results in significant savings to you, because remanufactured parts are significantly more affordable than new parts. The reduced environmental load is a great added bonus. Reusing parts saves a corresponding amount of metal and energy. All REMAN parts are carefully inspected, and faulty components are replaced with new ones. REMAN parts come with a 6-month warranty, so you can trust that they are high quality.


Return damaged parts to us. We will compensate you fairly when you purchase a REMAN part to replace the damaged part. You save a considerable amount of money compared with purchasing a new part. Sustainable development requires recycling everything to the fullest extent possible. When a spare part is used again, recycling it as raw materials can be postponed considerably. The range of PONSSE Remanufactured parts is continuously expanding. For more information about the updated range of parts, please contact the nearest PONSSE service centre.

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