PONSSE Manager API is an innovative interface that provides relevant, accurate data about the forest machinery fleet for reporting, follow-up, and resource planning purposes. 

The groundbreaking idea behind PONSSE Manager API is that the data gathered from individual forest machines is processed in a cloud environment and further provided to the customer's IT systems.Out of this data, various reports can be created to enable efficient resource planning and appropriate scheduling of upcoming work.

Typically, analyzing data that comes straight from the machines has been a challenging task for the customers to deal with. With the help of PONSSE Manager API and its processing capabilities, relevant information is promptly available for correct conclusions. The production of previous work areas in terms of cubic meters per machine, for example, make it easier to plan and schedule new ones: what kind of machines are needed at which time, and so on. While making fleet management a lot more efficient, PONSSE Manager API can play a significant role in improving the overall productivity of operations and wood logistics in various ways. 

PONSSE Manager API is already in use by customers in the industrial segment, who have given valuable guidance in developing the service.

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