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Powrót Ponsse’s Supplier of the Year 2021 is HT Laser

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Ponsse’s Supplier of the Year 2021 is HT Laser

HT Laser has been chosen as Ponsse’s Supplier of the Year 2021. The long-term cooperation since 2006 has been seamless.

Ponsse appreciates HT Laser for their reliability, communication skills, flawless compliance with schedules and profit-making capabilities. The company quickly reacts to changing circumstances.

“HT Laser is a dependable and reliable supplier for Ponsse day after day. We definitely want to continue developing our cooperation with HT Laser and work together even better,” says Ponsse’s procurement and logistics manager Tuomas Yli-Marttila, giving his thanks to the company.

HT Laser is one of the companies operating in the supplier village near Ponsse’s Vieremä forest machine factory.

“The company produces large amounts of steel sheet products directly for Ponsse’s production needs. Their production quality is excellent,” adds Yli-Marttila.

"This is a thank you and a show of respect for all our personnel"

HT Laser, which has its roots in Keuruu, hopes that the cooperation that has grown over the years will continue to do so, because there is still much to experience and develop together.

“We have a long-term and genuine partner relationship. Our everyday cooperation with the various departments and contact persons at Ponsse is seamless, and as neighbours, we are almost part of the same big family,” says HT Laser’s Vieremä unit manager Sami Tiikkainen.

With a smile, Tiikkainen says that receiving this recognition is one of the highlights of the year for the people at HT Laser.

“We’re happy and proud about it! We know how tough the competition for the Supplier of the Year title is every year. This is a thank you and a show of respect for all our personnel, and I’m sure we’ll celebrate this with coffee and cake,” says Tiikkainen.

Every year, Ponsse chooses a Supplier of the Year from their supplier network. The award is a recognition and thank you for good cooperation. The Supplier of the Year award was given at an event in Vieremä on 13 April.

More information: 

Tuomas Yli-Marttila
procurement and logistics manager, Ponsse
+358 40 630 5237

Sami Tiikkainen
unit manager, HT Laser
+358 50 593 0062