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Powrót Ponsse’s solutions for processing operations

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Ponsse’s solutions for processing operations

Productivity and reliability are key properties in Ponsse’s harvester heads. Harvester heads must withstand constant stress in varying conditions and operate accurately without damaging stems. Continuous research and development together with customers and decades of experience have made our wood processing solutions productive and reliable. Ponsse provides highly advanced harvesting solutions, and we are one of the leading manufacturers in the markets.

Sign up to the PONSSE Studio online event to hear our customers’ experiences and Ponsse employees’ thoughts of harvester heads that are ideal for base machines used for processing wood.

Date and time: 6 April at 7 pm EEST
The event will be held in English, and it will be subtitled in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Finnish.

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Janne Loponen, product manager, harvester heads,,

tel. +358 40 502 8018.