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Powrót Ponsse opens new service centre in Joensuu

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Ponsse opens new service centre in Joensuu

This €2.5 million investment is based on growing Ponsse’s market share and machine base in Eastern Finland as well as a desire to better serve our customers.

The modern service centre in Joensuu will further improve the quality and efficiency of maintenance and service in Finland. The ca. 1,000 m2 service centre includes field and information system maintenance, spare parts and machine sales, technical support as well as a well-stocked spare parts storage and Ponsse Shop. The maintenance shop and spare parts storage are in the same facility to ensure a quick turnaround and thus the most uninterrupted harvesting services possible. 

There are a total of 13 employees at the Joensuu service centre. Along the new facility, we will focus more on personnel training with an option to increase our volume of personnel if necessary.

“The new service centre allows us to provide an even better level of service to our customers and ensure a fast turnaround for machine maintenance. On the spare parts side, we can now provide a delivery service, making it possible for our customers to sign a service agreement on equipment purchases,” explains Ponsse Finland's country director Jani Liukkonen.

The service centre is located in Joensuu’s Papinkangas, near route 6, roughly six kilometres south of the city centre.

“We chose a location that is easy for our customers to access from any direction,” adds Liukkonen.

There are a total of 24 locations in Finland, with roughly 190 professionals in total working for them. Ponsse’s market share in Finland is currently 45 percent.

The international Ponsse maintenance network consists of 235 service centres. All PONSSE service centres are situated in central locations considering our customers’ operations and logistics.


Ponsse Finland, Jani Liukkonen, country director,
Tel. +358 40 095 3847,