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Powrót Ponsse delivered its 200th simulator to Sweden

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Ponsse delivered its 200th simulator to Sweden

The 200th PONSSE simulator was delivered to Södra Viken, a vocational education centre in Sweden. The simulator model is PONSSE Full, its ergonomics ensure a good training position and make learning meaningful.

Ponsse and Södra Viken has worked together over a long time. Södra Viken is a school that has over 70 years of experience in education in the forest industry. First PONSSE machine came to school in 2003.

“It is great to see that the forestry school I went to as a young student gets Ponsse´s simulator nr. 200. When sales, service, our premium-products and school cooperation works well, we see so many good things happening on the market and this is what’s happening in right now in Värmland”, says Carl-Henrik Hammar, Managing Director of Ponsse Sweden.

Long traditions in the forest industry

Södra Viken has worked for education in the forestry professions since 1947. Forestry education started on Södra Viken by the forest management board in Värmland. Since 2003 the school is run by Sunne municipality.

“We really appreciate Ponsse´s service mindedness and our excellent cooperation. We would also like to thank the Lundberg Foundation for making this investment possible. To us this means, that like this we offer the modern and updated teaching year after year”, says Monica Olofson, principal of Södra Viken.

Economical and ecological training for professionals and students

With PONSSE simulators, training is economical, ecological, effective and safe both for students and more experienced operators. Using Ponsse simulator, current and future forest machine operators can easily learn all key stages in forest operations and get a good feel of how to operate machines in an authentic training environment. Simulator training is also ideal for maintenance employees. The advanced ergonomics of Ponsse simulators ensures a good posture and makes learning enjoyable. 

Further information, Ponsse Ab and AS, Managing Director, Carl-Henrik Hammar, +4670 600 49 35,

Södra Viken, principal Monica Olofson, +46 565 15550,