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Powrót Juha Vidgrén from Ponsse to receive recognition from Finland’s entrepreneur organisation Suomen Yrittäjät

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Juha Vidgrén from Ponsse to receive recognition from Finland’s entrepreneur organisation Suomen Yrittäjät

Ponsse Plc's board member and main owner Juha Vidgrén has received a recognition from Finland’s entrepreneur organisation Suomen Yrittäjät. The recognition, the Entrepreneurial Cross, is the highest the organisation awards.

Vidgrén was recognised for the work he has done for entrepreneurship and employment for young people. In addition, he has reconstructed and built locations which are valuable for local history in Vieremä region. He has also organised more hobby and sports opportunities for local young people. Vidgrén has supported the local community by organising various events and creating a new community spirit.

He has supported local entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs by taking part in Vieremä’s Entrepreneurs, Savo Entrepreneurs and Finland’s Entrepreneurs activities.  

“This recognition from the entrepreneurs really puts a smile on my face. I’ve had the opportunity to work with good and professional people, so this recognition also goes to Ponsse’s employees and the forestry machinery industry. Entrepreneurship is all about working together on both the good and the bad days,” says Juha Vidgrén, who is responsible for social relations and the Ponsse staff in his role as a board member of Ponsse Plc. 

The recognition was given to Juha Vidgrén at an annual regional entrepreneurship gala which took place in Vieremä on 23 April. 

The Entrepreneurial Cross is the Suomen Yrittäjät organisation’s highest recognition of a person who as an entrepreneur or promoter of entrepreneurship has done significant work in a position of trust for the Finnish Entrepreneurs or its member organisations. The Entrepreneurial Cross was founded in 1990. 

At the regional entrepreneurship gala, Juha Vidgrén was also recognised for the excellent work he has done for the development of his home region, the reconstruction of the Rientola event house and the preservation of local history in Vieremä.

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Juha Vidgrén 
Ponsse Plc, Board of Directors, member
+358 40 518 6286