Tilbake Smart tools for planning and optimization of harvesting

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Smart tools for planning and optimization of harvesting

As part of Business Finland's Veturi funding for forest machine manufacturer Ponsse, Sitowise is working with Ponsse to explore the potential of artificial intelligence for smarter planning and optimization of loggings.

The aim of the project is to explore the use of AI and remote sensing data, as well as other data sources such as harvester data, to produce intelligent map data and services and to increase our understanding of potential customer needs. The main target groups are organizations involved in logging and timber harvesting.

- The project will explore possible ways to produce intelligent map layers to facilitate harvesting planning, such as data describing terrain conditions, harvestability and wood quality," says Sanna Härkönen, Product Business Lead at Sitowise.

Bitcomp Oy (now part of Sitowise Oy) currently has a strong position in the market for services to the Finnish forestry sector.

- We have already developed an easily scalable, cloud-based computing platform that we can use for AI-based data production. This will also allow for the convenient distribution of global map data. On top of this technology, we can explore and develop new services and products," says Härkönen.

The aim of the project is to identify and formulate tools that could help facilitate the most important work steps for customers.

- The aim is also to explore the potential benefits of such map layers and tools along the entire logging value chain. The tools could, for example, help machinery companies to better optimize the use of their equipment and improve the preservation of environmental and natural values during harvesting," says Härkönen.

The benefits are expected to reach down to the operator level, as intelligent data can reduce the cognitive load on operators and improve the quality of their work.

- The project will also look at different optimization methods to help plan harvesting and identify ways to take into account different forest use objectives. It also aims to test smart data in practice with test users, so that solutions can be better tailored to the needs of customers and users.

Ponsse has existing international networks and activities across a wide range of regions in Europe, North America and South America, which are also the focus of this project.

Business Finland awarded Ponsse's  and Epec’s FORWARD'27 programme with 10 million € in funding in a challenge competition for leading companies. In addition, Business Finland awarded 20 million € in funding to the ecosystem companies surrounding the programme. The total budget of the Sitowise project is around 1.2 million € and the project will run for two years.