PONSSE Manager

Ponsse Manager

Efficiency, productivity and information

PONSSE Manager takes you to the next level in digitalized forestry machines

Ponsse Manager is a operations management system for forest machine entreprenuers. Ponsse Manager was created for entreprenuers in order to gain more important information concerning their fleet. Ponsse Manager keeps entreprenuers up to date on matters that influence the profitability of their fleet. Via that it is possible to make operations more efficient.



Six advantages for managing the fleet

Daily information about harvesting machinery

Your company’s success is guaranteed by detailed information about your machines’ productivity and profitability. PONSSE forest machines are your company’s mobile production plants. PONSSE Manager keeps you up to date on matters that influence the profitability of your fleet. 

Information is always available

All important information related to profitability monitoring can be read on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Wherever and whenever you want. If you are outside mobile network coverage, the information will be transferred when coverage is reached again.

Clear information

Informative and easy-to-read graphics provide important information in an understandable and quick way. If the machine is not within the coverage area, data transfer is possible with the PONSSE Sync mobile app or when the machine returns to the coverage area of the mobile phone network.

Advanced user interface

PONSSE Manager is quick and easy to use. You will not have to spend time learning to use complicated systems; the functions are easy to learn and use. 

Automatic data transfer

Communication between operators and the company is easier than ever. Data is transferred automatically from the machine without the operator having to send files in the middle of harvesting. 

More profit and information

PONSSE Manager guides the company in the productive use of the machine to maximise efficiency and productivity of the fleet and minimise downtime.

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