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angle-left Ponsse’s Board of Directors proposes to the AGM on 27[th] of May 2020 reduced dividends
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Ponsse’s Board of Directors proposes to the AGM on 27[th] of May 2020 reduced dividends

Ponsse Plc’s Board of Directors has decided to invite the company’s shareholders to the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 27 May 2020. The company will send the notice of the AGM to shareholders later. Previously, the AGM planned to be held on 1 April 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus situation.

Ponsse Plc’s Board of Directors have notified that they will propose to the AGM that the company pays EUR 0.3 per share in dividends for 2019 instead of EUR 0.85 per share as proposed previously. The Board of Directors aims to secure the company’s continuity and financial stability in this uncertain situation. The reduction in dividends will have an impact of MEUR 15.4 on the company’s finances.

The company’s Board of Directors have also notified that they will propose to the AGM that the profit bonus paid to Ponsse Group’s employees shall not be reduced from the previously proposed amount. The Board of Directors proposes to the AGM that the maximum profit bonus paid to Ponsse Group’s employees for 2019 be EUR 100 per employee per working month.


Vieremä, 20 April 2020 

Board of Directors

Petri Härkönen, CFO, tel. +358 50 409 8362 


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Ponsse Plc specialises in the sale, production, maintenance and technology of cut-to-length method forest machines, and is driven by a genuine interest in its customers and their business operations. Ponsse develops and manufactures sustainable and innovative harvesting solutions based on customer needs.

The company was established by forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén in 1970, and has been a leader in timber harvesting solutions based on the cut-to-length method ever since. Ponsse is headquartered in Vieremä, Finland. The company’s shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Nordic List.
 This year, Ponsse celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

We are a Logger´s Best Friend – and for a very good reason! Our innovative harvesting solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development are always produced specifically for each customer: our mission is to help to improve our customers’ business by providing reliable products and services.

Our R&D activities never stop – this ensures that we remain number one. Ponsse designs its machines together with their users. In this way, our products cater to the needs of every customer in all conditions. This is why Ponsse’s products are also tested constantly. We want to keep earning our customers’ trust.

Ponsse specialises in cut-to-length forest machines and their information systems. We also offer high-quality maintenance, spare parts and trade-in machines – safely and reliably. Contact us!

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Providing even higher quality, productivity, flexibility and safety for our customers worldwide.

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Ponsse is a family company whose roots are deep in the Finnish countryside.
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