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  • PONSSE COBRA – an efficient harvester for varying conditions

    The PONSSE Cobra is an eight-wheel all-round harvester with an extensive range of options. The Cobra’s strengths include a powerful six-cylinder engine, a high-performance hydraulics system powered by a large 210cm3 working pump, and a robust and thoroughly tested structure.


    PONSSE Cobra


ponsse cobra

Harvester heads: H5, H6, H7
Crane: C5, C44+

A multi-talented machine for many cutting methods

The new PONSSE Cobra harvester is a versatile and efficient tool for varying conditions. Thanks to its adaptability, it is right at home for both thinning and clear cutting. An eight-wheel all-round machine, PONSSE Cobra is a good addition to a group of several machines thanks to its versatility and functional
properties, but it is also an excellent choice for an entrepreneur who needs one machine for all logging sites.
Thanks to its reliable basic solutions, the Cobra is a durable and economical package whose accurate and easy-to-use crane, good balance, efficient working pump and powerful six-cylinder engine make it a dependable tool for years.

Efficient work properties

PONSSE Cobra is an important new part of our BOOST/SAVE thinking. Lower consumption and higher output make for better results. With the Cobra, this means more affordable purchase and operating costs,
higher and cleaner engine power as well as lower surface pressure thanks to the eight wheels and the
modern structure.


Detalles técnicos - PONSSE Cobra

Peso mínimo
19 800 Kg
Peso típico
20 900 Kg
8 130 mm
2 630 - 3 080 mm
Separación del suelo
600 mm
Altura de transporte
3 800 mm
C44+ C5
Par de giro (bruto)
PONSSE Beaver 40 kNm, PONSSE Fox 52 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 57 kNm 57 kNm
Ángulo de inclinación
PONSSE Fox ±15°, PONSSE Beaver -12 °/+18°, PONSSE Ergo ±20° ±20°
Ángulo de giro de la grúa
250° 250°
Par de elevación (bruto)
PONSSE Beaver and Fox 230 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 250 kNm 248 kNm
PONSSE Fox: 32.8-36 ft (10-11 m) (H5, H6), PONSSE Beaver: 32.8-36 ft (10-11 m) (H5, H6), PONSSE Ergo: 28.2/32.8/36 ft (8,6/10/11 m) (H5/H6/H7) 8.6/9.5/10 m (28/31/33 ft)
MB OM936 LA EU Stage V/ Tier 4 Final or MB OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA
Stage V and Tier 4F: 210 kW (286 hp), Stage IIIA: 205 kW (275 hp)
1 200 -1 600 rpm (Stage V: 1 200 Nm, Tier 4F: 1 150 Nm, Stage IIIA: 1 100 Nm)
Fuerza de tracción
195 kN (43, 838 lbf)
Volumen del depósito de combustible
380 l (100 gal US)
Sistema hidráulico
Sistema de control
PONSSE OptiControl
Bomba de trabajo
210 cm3 (12.8 cu in)
Volumen del depósito de aceite
290 l (76.6 gal US)
Cabezal procesador
H5 H6 H7 H77euca H7euca
Peso desde (en función del equipamiento)
900 kg sin rotor desde 1050 kg 1 150 kg sin rotator 1 300 kg sin rotador 1 200 kg sin rotor
Sistema de alimentación
3 rodillos 3 rodillos 3 rodillos 2 rodillos 3 rodillos
Fuerza de alimentación
19 kN 25 kN 30 kN 25/29 kN 25 kN
Apertura máxima
530 mm 600 mm 650 mm 600 mm 630 mm
Velocidad de alimentación
6 m/s 6 m/s 5 m/s 5.5-6 m/s 6 m/s