Social responsibility

Social responsibility

At Ponsse, social responsibility means responsibility for the impact of our business activities on people, and continuously aiming to have a positive impact on our people and community. Ponsse has a strong value base that steers us to respect people and cooperation, and to develop our operations as part of our community.

Our employees are our most important asset

The input and role of every employee is an important part of the whole. We want our employees to be safe and healthy and feel that they have a meaningful job in which they want to continuously improve their performance. Ponsse’s employees are our most important assets and prerequisites for all our development.

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We are a reliable partner who values its community

Honesty, ethics, and communality are at the core of the Ponsse spirit.  Good corporate governance and our Code of Conduct steer us to treat people equally, conduct business sustainably, and engage in close cooperation with our partners.

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