Honesty & co-operation

Honesty and cooperation

Our objectives
  • A transparent supply chain committed to responsible operating methods
  • Confidential and developing customer cooperation
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations for responsibility and planning our development accordingly

Our mutual trust with different stakeholders is based on open long-term cooperation.Our key stakeholders include our customers and members of the entire Ponsse network. We want to know our customers personally and also address their families and stakeholders in our activities. The Ponsse network consists of our own companies, as well as our retailers who we always aim to treat as equivalent to our own companies .

Our key stakeholders are:

  • Customers and other forest sector operators
  • Personell
  • Ponsse network’s retailers and contractual service partners
  • Subcontractors and suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Local communities and associations
  • Legislators and authorities
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Funding providers, investors and analysts
  • Media

Investments in the local dimension

We find it important to be a responsible company in the communities in which we operate. We always select our partners based on business criteria. We have identified our impact on our local community and our opportunity to create regional wellbeing through profitable business activities that address the environment. This is why we also take the local dimension into account when we select our partners.

Ponsse’s production and head office are still located in the company’s birthplace in Vieremä, and we have a high impact on regional employment in Upper Savonia. At the end of 2023, Ponsse directly employed 645 (658) people at our factory and 121 (119) people at our Iisalmi logistics centre and in our maintenance services. In addition, nearly 400 employees worked in companies that are based in the partnership business park located in the immediate vicinity of our factory and mainly provide Ponsse with subcontracting or components.

In addition, our sports sponsorships highlight the local dimension, a shared set of values and long-term partnerships, ranging from children and young people to professional sports.

Product liability and safety

Product safety is an integral part of Ponsse’s R&D activities. The company’s product safety team coordinates the process to ensure the product safety and compliance of PONSSE forest machines.

If necessary, machines already operating in the markets will be modified with safety-improving features if any new or other risks are identified that cannot have been addressed during machine design. In our R&D activities, we also seek to improve operator ergonomics, of which the Active Cabin and Active Seat features, which were en - tered in production in 2023, are good examples.

We participate actively in international standardisation activities and in the updating and development of standards that concern forest machines and their parts. These include interna - tional ISO and European EN standards. We can thus ensure that machines remain in compliance with requirements, even amidst constantly changing standards.

For us, personnel training is also a key part of product safety. We provide various targeted training for R&D and the PONSSE network. Training provided for R&D is more technical and standards-based, whereas that provided for the network focuses on collecting product safety feedback and reporting, for example. The goal of training is to increase the organisation’s awareness of product safety and related innovation, and improve machine safety to minimise the risks they present to people and the environment.

Einari Vidgrén Foundation

The goal of the Einari Vidgrén Foundation is to increase appreciation for the work done in the field of mechanical harvesting and to highlight the responsible and sustainable work of the industry.

Learn more about the foundation