PONSSE Active Manual

PONSSE Active Manual

All you need to know about maintaining your fleet.

PONSSE Active Manual is a practical, easy-to-use mobile application that contains relevant instructions for using your PONSSE products in a proper, efficient, and economical way. Presenting instructions in a video format makes them easy to understand and follow.

Using your machinery the right way makes the work smoother, the project faster and the operations in general more profitable. In addition, the parts last longer and unintended interruptions can be minimized.

PONSSE Active Manual ensures that the instructions are available at the moment they are needed. Valuable time is not wasted in looking for the right document as everything you need is available and conveniently found in your mobile phone. Parts can be maintained and changed with as little downtime as possible - this helps keep the fleet on the move and the project on schedule.

Especially the younger generation utilizes naturally information that is provided in a digital format. Searching information from an application takes place swiftly. PONSSE Active Manual ensures that both today's and tomorrow's loggers are provided with just the kind of tools and support they are content to work with.

We keep adding new instructions in PONSSE Active Manual to ensure it contains as much relevant material as possible. However, it is good to keep in mind that PONSSE Active Manual has been designed to support the original user and maintenance instructions presented in Owner's manuals, not to replace them. The videos and images in the application are generalizations of PONSSE products; some equipment and configurations have been left out to make the instructions more universal.

PONSSE Active Manual can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or App Store. Using the application requires an active mobile data subscription which may generate costs to the user. A working network connection is also required.

For further information, contact your PONSSE salesperson or the closest distributor.

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