Ponsse speeds up software testing with automation


ITEA3 Testomat Project: the next level of test automation

Nowadays, digitalization and software development goes in fast cycles and agile methodology is used in many companies. This brings a challenge to the software testing phase and it easily becomes a bottleneck, especially in the case of manual software testing.

Ponsse participated in the three-year EUREKA ITEA3 Testomat project with 34 partners from 6 different countries. The focus in the Testomat project was to improve test automation in Europe and help companies to increase the development speed without sacrificing the software quality. More information about the project from the web sites: https://itea3.org/project/testomatproject.htmlhttps://www.testomatproject.eu/. The project in Finland was funded by Business Finland.

Testomat project enabled Ponsse to research new testing tools and techniques to increase their test automation coverage for a faster feedback of product quality with the project partners. During the project, new tools and best practices were found to utilize test automation in Ponsse's software development. Test automation has a great importance in the future to decrease our development-to-production time and increasing the software quality, which is important to our customers success.