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New retailer for Ponsse in South Africa

Starting from 2 June 2020, Ponsse’s retailer in South Africa will be M.T.S. Parts CC. The company will start as Ponsse’s official retailer, being responsible for the sale and maintenance of PONSSE forest machines, as well as spare parts services in South Africa. Green Projects, Ponsse’s current service provider in South Africa, will continue as Ponsse’s retailer until 1 June 2020.

This change aims to strengthen Ponsse’s after-sales services in South Africa. M.T.S. Parts CC. offers comprehensive maintenance services and has solid experience in PONSSE forest machines and cooperation with forestry companies. M.T.S. Parts has operated as Ponsse’s service partner in the Mpumalanga Province since 2014.

“M.T.S. Parts CC. was chosen to represent Ponsse because of its reputation as a reliable company and its customer-driven approach. It can provide PONSSE customers with strong support both in sales and maintenance services. Strong customer support has always been of primary importance to Ponsse, and it has also been the key to the success of M.T.S. In addition to service centres, the company uses well-equipped service vehicles to bring maintenance services close to customers”, comments area director Janne Tarvainen who´s in charge of the cooperation between Ponsse Plc and M.T.S.

M.T.S. Parts CC. offers a broad service range to forestry, agricultural and mining companies of all sizes, as well as to municipal operators. The company is based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

“Our main goal has always been the prosperity of our customers, and we want to offer the best possible service for them. Together with Ponsse, we are determined to be the most reliable partner in the business and to live up to our promise to be “A Logger’s Best Friend”. Based on these principles, we have achieved a solid market position in our operating areas.  M.T.S. was founded in 2005, and we have supported diverse brands, such as Dezzi Equipment, Matriarch Equipment and Bell Equipment. Now, we will be working with the best forest machine manufacturer in the world”, says director Chris Odendaal from M.T.S. Parts CC.

Vieremä, 8May 2020 PONSSE PLCJarmo Vidgrén
and Marketing Director

Janne Tarvainen, Ponsse Plc
Area Director (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal)
Contact information: tel. +358 40 1830 914,

Chris Odendaal, Director, M.T.S. Parts CC
Contact information: tel. +27 137 524 571, mob. +27 825 757 447
Address: 9 Suikerriet St, Nelspruit, 1201, South Africa

Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

We are a Logger´s Best Friend – and for a very good reason! Our innovative harvesting solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development are always produced specifically for each customer: our mission is to help to improve our customers’ business by providing reliable products and services.

Our R&D activities never stop – this ensures that we remain number one. Ponsse designs its machines together with their users. In this way, our products cater to the needs of every customer in all conditions. This is why Ponsse’s products are also tested constantly. We want to keep earning our customers’ trust.

Ponsse specialises in cut-to-length forest machines and their information systems. We also offer high-quality maintenance, spare parts and trade-in machines – safely and reliably. Contact us!

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